“Welcome to Singapore!”

May 24, 2007 - Singapore, Singapore

Back to our Singapore hub for a few days before moving on to Australia. On May 23rd (May 22nd in The States) we saw a sneak preview of the “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”. Pirates has been heavily advertised here with Yun-Fat Chow's opening line “Welcome to Singapore!” plastered around the city. We were not disappointed. We got our money’s worth at the Haw Par Villa. Admission was free! Although we did like the “Ten Courts of Hell”, a life-sized diorama depicting Chinese legends of Hell. We likened the crimes and punishments - like being sawn in half for “mistreating books” - to Singapore’s laws against chewing gum and not flushing a public toilet.

We visited both the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari both touted “Uniquely Singapore”. We were very impressed with the containment strategy of both. Animals are contained not with fences or cages, but with “psychological moats” and feeding conditioning. Animals stay in “their area” because they know their next meal will be there. When we first walked into the zoo there were tiny primates crawling on three trees in the inner foyer. No physical containment what so ever. There are many “free-ranging” zoo-owned animals which have the run of the zoo and many “guest” animals that simply decide to make the zoo their home. We walked under Orang Utans swinging on vines 30 feet above our heads. We took the tram through the antilopes’ habitat, the antilopes contained only by a cattle guard. The Night Safari is similar but only operates at night. Both are very modern. Terry and I took a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo which was well worth the money. We had our own tram and were taken into the keepers research area to handle stick bugs and see where the butterflies are bred. Their life span is only 4 months so the zoo has to constantly breed new ones.


Ten Courts of Hell
Critters at the zoo
The zoo
Office with a view

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June 1, 2007
"like being sawn in half for ?mistreating books?" - As a librarian I find that comforting. lol Hi Mark... Hi Terry... Greetings from Baltimore! The Shawns
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