The adventure begins...

February 5, 2007 - Tokyo, Japan

We spent our final week in the States packing and taking care of last minute things. We packed our 10' x 10' storage unit so tight than there is barely room for a few grains of sand. It is one of my latest engineering feats. Our last day in the States, we played Mahjong with our friends. The next morning, we headed to the airport. We returned our rental car, and tossed our cloths, that we had worn the previous day, in the trash Jason Stathom-style. We connected in Honolulu where I canceled my Sprint mobile service, snapped my phone in two and tossed it too in the trash. It felt really good. Now I have no house, no car, and no phone.

[Terry] Mark had a stressful morning talking to Sprint as expected. Talking to the supervisor did not help him this time and looks like he has to shell out $150 for ending his contract early. He broke the phone in half and threw it in the trash, you would think in anger and frustration... but he still had enough sense and control to take pictures of him tossing it. He declared that he is quitting Starbucks, but gave in to sharing a cup with me while we were still in United States. We will try the local coffee in other countries. We got settled into our seats in the Northwest plane to Tokyo and sat there a long time. Then Mark almost popped a vein when the flight attendant announced that the flight would be delayed until tomorrow morning due to mechanical problems. I personally think the pilot called in sick to watch the superbowl. We had a flight we had to catch once we got to Japan and this delay was going to cause us to miss that flight, and a lot of headaches for Mark... but somehow Mark worked his charm talking to a gate agent and got us two seats on the next flight out. Other people were still waiting in line through all the chaos, so we got lucky. I was busy taking pictures of Mark work his magic. I did my part.

We got checked in for our new flight, we were able to catch some of the Superbowl at the airport bar, the first touchdown and a couple of ads. Once we arrived in Tokyo everything went right again. We were able to store our two 50-lbs dive gear duffels at Narita airport. This means we are free from them for the next 3 weeks. I called the Tokyo youth hostel and I got the code to the front door since they close at 9pm and we arrive would not until around 10pm. We dumped our stuff in the room and went out into the night to get our first Tokyo beer. We went to a bar associated with the youth hostel and in traditional backpacker style, we drank our 2 free beers, chatted with another traveler, and left without spending any cash. The adventure begins...


Tossing shells
Our storage unit
Honolulu Starbucks
Our first night
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