Capsule Hotel

February 9, 2007 - Tokyo, Japan

After returning to Tokyo, we had one night before continuing on to Yamanashi. Terry wanted to stay in a capsule hotel. Capsule hotels usually are men only, but I did know a capsule hotel that allowed women, the Asakusa Riverside Capsule Hotel, so we went there. What is not to love about this place? $25 per night. After paying, you get a locker key, don your slippers, and go to your locker. In your locker is a clean rope (your size), towels, a razor, and a toothbrush. Basically everything you need for an unexpected overnight stay in Tokyo. You undress and put on your rope. You leave all your stuff in the locker and make your way to your capsule. In your capsule is new bedding. You make your way up to the 9th floor to the bath. Leaving your robe in a small shelf cube, you enter the bath. There is a large tiled tub and 4 showers, high school locker room-style. This is not a hot spring, just a bath with some herbal treatment. You shower and once clean, get in the bath to soak. After soaking a while I relaxed in the sauna. Then I exited to the the outside balcony. Standing on the roof of a 9-story Tokyo building butt-naked I look around. There is a 10-meter tall Asahi beer ad to my left, and when I look to the right over the Sumida River, the Tokyo city lights. It is about 45 degrees outside but my body is still warm from the sauna.

[Terry] Ah ha! So that was what all the Japanese women were screaming about last night... Mark’s naked butt on the 9th floor!!! Anyway, I was very excited to find out what the capsule hotel was all about. I have only seen pictures of it. When I opened the door to a room filled with capsules, it reminded me of my dogs boarding kennels...minus all the barking. I don’t know why my dogs acted like they hated the kennels because I loved it! It reminded me of my friends’ college dorm rooms and of the bunk bed I had as a kid and I wished my capsule to be on top. This made me laugh remembering how my younger sister got stuck with the bottom bed because I was older and insisted on taking the top bed. (Sorry Joanne). I think mom told Joanne that she might fall and hurt herself if she slept on top. I guess some preferences just never change. The capsule was really comfortable and I felt safe. Falling asleep with the TV on was nice for a change. Getting ready and meeting Mark the next morning felt like I was meeting him for a date again. Mark suggested we meet at Starbucks and I was overjoyed! He said I should not give up Starbucks cold turkey. He is so sweet. Coffee $4.20, Sandwich $3.80, a couple of hours of caffeine high resulting in mental stability, priceless.


Capsule TV
Capsule control panel
9th floor balcony view
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