Tokyo: fish and freaks

February 19, 2007 - Tokyo, Japan

From Yokohama we went directly to Shinjuku to buy a few essentials like a replacement strap to fix Terry’s pack. I introduced Terry to tachigui ‘eating while standing’ stands on some train platforms. We had curry and Terry loved it. She is a natural from all the times she ate from the frying pan standing up in the kitchen. I always had the image of Japan being so expensive, even while living here. However, Terry and I have been eating relatively cheaply. The two of us have been eating for less than $25/day each! And that includes my occasional beer and Terry’s occasional Starbucks. Then to Harajuku where the girls are into kospurei or ‘costume play’. You need to see the photos to get the full effect. But believe me when I say the really strange people are not dressed in costumes. I started talking to another photographer and it turns out he was from Hawaii too. We met another traveler on the train from Kauai as well. He has been living in Koloa for 10 years. Small world. We stayed at the capsule hotel again as per Terry’s request. It is cheap, clean, and has a nice bath, so I can’t blame her. We always look forward to staying at the same place two nights in a row. It gives us a chance to establish a home base to leave our packs and we can be a little more free. We eat at a Korean restaurant Terry saw in a brochure. I had a dish typical eaten on ones birthday (two days early) and Terry treated! The waitress tried to speak English to us, but Terry spoke Korean and I interjected in Japanese. It was interesting.

The next day we visited Tsukiji wholesale fish market, the largest fish market in Japan, doing approx.23 million US$ in sales per day! We walked through the blood and fish guts trying to stay out of everyone’s way. That night, we met my friend Glenn and his wife Mayumi. The four of us walked around Roppongi Hills and went to a nice restaurant in a part of Tokyo I have not been to before. They took us around their neighborhood where a drama mini-series is currently being filmed and went for drinks.

Harajuku girls (and boys dressed like girls, I think) were a treat! Mark said I had my mouth open the whole time. I had told Mark I could skip Harajuku... that I have seen the photos of them in his web site already. But Mark insisted and I am so glad. I thought Harajuku was the Japanese version of the Halloween; except these girls dressed up every Sunday instead of once a year. Harajuku is something one has to experience by being there. It is the same with the sakura, the cherry blossoms in Japan. Mark says he has tried to tell his friends in the states of the entire sakura experience with drinking sake, etc. Even with all the wonderful photos Mark takes, it is impossible to describe it.


Harajuku girls 3
Harajuku girls 2


Wendy and Michael:
February 21, 2007
You both are outrageous!! It's so cool that you saw harajuku girls...I like the way that they are and Gwen Stefani is their biggest fan. harahooo! How fun!
February 23, 2007
You know me and the net. Logged on just now...'nuff said :)
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