Back in Bangkok

April 10, 2007 - Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has been our hub and we delayed our Phuket outbound so we could have a couple more days in this awesome city.

[Terry: It was nice to be back in Bangkok. We stayed at the same hotel where our dive bags were stored for free. We vowed to take it easy since we were still not 100% but we couldn’t keep ourselves from taking advantage of the two nights in Bangkok. The taxi driver from the airport was low on gas and Mark demanded to stop the meter while the taxi driver fills the gas. I was impressed; I guess that is the New York side of him. By the time we got to the hotel, it was close to 2 am and the hotel lobby was packed with guests, some playing cards. Mark exclaimed that this hotel is booming with people and was becoming a popular hang out. We found out while checking in that there was some sort of fire...or not. No one was sure. No fire trucks, but some people in the lobby were trying to warn us not to check in. We were so tired; no smell of smoke. We were fine.]

The next day we met two Intrepid travelers in the elevator of the Grande Ville Hotel and they gave us some great tips for New Zealand. Info you just can’t get from a book or the Internet. We stood in the lobby and yacked for almost an hour mostly about New Zealand.

[Terry: That morning we bought a map at a bookstore. We had some trouble figuring out the bus routes to get to the weekend market. We ended up walking 45 minutes and took the skyrail (monorail) to the market. It was only open on weekends and Sunday was the only day we could check it out. Our efforts were well worth it. The squirrels on leashes were weird to see (check out the video). We decided to have dinner at the market where the locals were lined up to get a seat. The chicken and the soup we ordered were amazing. I am definitely going to take a Thai cooking lesson. I was determined to stay in and sleep all day since walking all day yesterday was exhausting and I started to cough again. Then after breakfast, Mark started telling me about his plans to ride the metro to a park and a boat ride to the Grand Palace. He made it sound so enticing so I decided to go. We stopped at a Park and saw a big water lizard.]


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