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Crowded cage

March 23, 2007

A dog looks out of his crowded cage. I love this photo. I took shot after shot trying to capture the feeling I was experiencing at the time. I hated all my photos and loved this shot Terry took. It really captures the sadness we had for the caged dogs waiting to be prepared.

Crowded cage

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March 27, 2007
The expression on the dog was heartbreaking. It looked like he was looking right at Terry and thinking why won't you get me out of here. Its hard to think that dogs save lives and guide the blind in this country and are chopped up in China. Awful.
Did the hot cupping hurt? Looks like it did.
Mark & Terry:
March 28, 2007
Dear Carol, some of the travellers we met became vegetarians after seeing the market with the butchered ducks, dogs and rats. The smell of the market was horrifying too. Mark and I had to look away when a vendor was poking one of the dogs in the cage...and it was making an awful noise. Mark said that we still shouldn't judge the differences in the culture since many animals are killed this way (we are just more attached to dogs)...and this experience will remind us to waste not and enlighten some to even become vegetarians.
The hot cupping was fun to try and it wasn't painful. It wasn't hot either. It felt like someone was slowly pulling at your skin. I still remain sceptical about the effects of hot cupping. We have photos of Mark's acupunture session, but they didn't make the cut (Mark has the final say :))
Joe Stranieri:
May 7, 2007
We loved the pictures! It looks like you guys are having a great time.

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