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Tokyo subway

February 19, 2007

A few things to notice in this photo. First, notice how clean the subways are in Tokyo. Most subways look like this one. The reason I took the photo was to show the yellow raise rubber tiles on the floor. These are all over Japan, not just the trains and subways, they are on the sidewalks too. They are for the blind and there are different raised textures so the bind can tell when they are approaching intersections, stairs, etc. The pedestrian walk signal also chirps in Japan letting the blind know when it is safe to cross. There are separate East/West and North/South melodies, so the directions can be distinguish. Lastly, note the Starbucks bag and two Starbucks cups Terry is carrying. Terry loves Tokyo, there are Starbucks everywhere, even in most train stations. From some of the Starbucks, you can actually see the next Starbucks down the street. Ok, one of the cups was mine :/

Tokyo subway

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