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Terry and I figured that moving to Hawaii on a whim was not 'mid-life crisis' crazy enough so after a couple of discussions, we decided Terry would also quit her job and we would take a trip around the Pacific touring and diving. I will turn 40 this year and I am already on a break from my career so the timing is perfect. Terry has recently gotten her Advanced Open Water certification and I have gotten my Rescue Diver certification. We both love to travel and with our new/renewed passion for diving we are both very excited about our upcoming adventures on land and underwater.

About our trip

This trip was conceived prior to graduating college originally as a typical backpacking trip through Europe. I had to put off the trip a number of times to pursue my career. The trip details have changed a few times as well. I considered a 9-month trip around the world after meeting a backpacker in Italy in 2005. Now the trip is finally becoming a reality. And even better, I have Terry to share it with. 6 months around the Pacific touring and diving. We have heard a lot of crazy stories from friends here in Hawaii who have had similar travels and promise it will be an experience of a lifetime.

* The countries visited below are countries that Mark has visited.

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Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Botswana, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Fiji, France, Germany, Honduras, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Tonga, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe. (33 countries, 15%)

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