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Terry jumps

June 25, 2007 - Queenstown, New Zealand

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John & Kazumi:
June 25, 2007
Great video of Terry's jump...too bad Mark's video had technical problems. Excellent stuff you guys! You are doing such a good job documenting your adventure that it is almost like I am there sharing it with you at times. Very cool and very much appreciated as well.
fair winds and following seas...

June 25, 2007
You guys are F'in CRAZY!!!!! I woulda had a heart attack and they would have pulled up a dead person hanging on the end of that very flimsy looking rope! YIKES!
Wendy ans Michael:
July 20, 2007
How do you get back up?!
Mark & Terry:
July 20, 2007
They haul you up with a winch. The equipment is all specialized and very cool. The winch is lowered down the bungy line after the jump and clicks into a connection to your harness. Makes a loud click and jolts you enough to scare the **** out of you.

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