did anyone get the number of that bus?

June 14, 2010 - Durban, South Africa

To say it was a disappointing night would be an understatement.  Heaps of planning, years of expectation and a shitload of cash, gets us here to watch the first game and for that debacle to unfold I can't begin to describe how upsetting it was. However there is not going back, it is what it is, wins against serbia and Ghana would still probably get us through, but the embarrassment for a team still striving to say we belong here, is going to last much long er than this world cup.

We all had a quiet morning, watched the first game at home (first time we have done this) and then the bus came and picked us up to head to the fan fest at the casino for the second game.  It was against Serbia and ghana, but most of the crown was Australian and german as the stadium was a ten minutes walk from the fan fest site.  Everyone was somewhat interested as they are the other teams in our group, but most people had their minds concentrating on our game so there wasn't really a lot of atmosphere.  We wondered over to the ground early to soak in the atmosphere.   It is a good looking stadium, interesting due to a large gap behind the goals at one end. We were a long way up (in seats I would say will be remover after the world cup) but we were nearly centre pitch and could see all the action so certainly no complaints.

I am not going to comment on the game other than if there was a plan to conquer (or minimise the damage) against germany (draw would have done) I don't understand what it was.

AFter the game our original plan was to drink ourselves in oblivion, luckily once we found somewhere to have a late dinner (and quite a few scotch's) common sense prevailed and we met the bus and headed home.  The same cannot be said for a few imbeciles in our group.  A few who came home at 2-3ish and decided playing vuvuzueles have the IQ of small insects.   Was humorous however to see them run and hide when a big south African local over the back asked "What the F*** is wrong with you?"

Pete, Son, Marco and Kris have headed down to Cape Town today to watch the Italy game tonight, it will be good for them to see, personally I am happy with the rest this morning.  Nick and I are going to head in and watch the Italy game at the beach, and party with the locals.  Hopefully we can forget about last night, we are going back too the stadium on Wednesday for Spain V Switzerland, two countries I like and will have a hard time picking who to support.  But for now we will just try and move on and hope that the weekend brings more positive news.

PS: I read in the herald sun some talk about banning vuvuzealas, there is NO NO NO chance they will ban them, and it is good to see that beat up journalism is not dead, must have been a long weekend where some journalist couldn't be bothered finding an actual story. They are at times annoying but part of the experience in my opinion.


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