Quiet day on the Bluff

June 15, 2010 - Durban, South Africa

After the ordinary carry on from Sunday night, Monday was a generally quiet day.   The 4 Cape town jet setters (who had to sit through 8 degrees and storms it looked like on the TV), headed off early and it was just nick and I here doing very little and reading all the reports from Australia's first game, both online from home and in the paper here.  None surprisingly were positive, one journalist in the Durban paper teed off a long run and left no doubt where he thought we should play football, and it wasn't at the world Cup.

We watched the first game here at the unit, and the second game here too, I fell asleep after the second game but then a couple of the boys said they were going into town for a drink and as I had done almost nothing all day (went shopping for a while to get he paper and some shorts but that was about it) I thought I might as well head out.

It is not difficult to see where Australians get a reputation for being drunken louts, when we walked into the bar there were drunken Aussies everywhere carry-on like morons (granted some of it was funny) , annoying bar girls and generally being pests.  Luckily most of them didn't last to long after the game and then the place turned into a night club and things were much more entertaining (Italy drew 1-1 with Paraguay and I think I was about the only person in the bar barracking for Italy - some Australians still haven't moved on from 2006).

I left the bar about 2, with a few of my associates deciding to stay and continue chatting with some locals, but generally a good night had by all.  Certainly the bar was much better than the madness of the opening games with South Africa.  They play again Wednesday night so no doubt the madness will return.  Didn't take a camera last night so there are no pictures, sorry about that.


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