Hoppe Suisse!!! - Viva Espana, not so much

June 17, 2010 - Durban, South Africa


After a very quiet Tuesday, all attention turned to Wednesday with the Switzerland V Spain game to which we all had tickets, and then after the locals (bafana Bafana) were to play urguay, and everyone here would get really excited again.

The spain game was a good game, I would have thought the stats would have been 35 shots to 8 in Spains favour, unfortunately for Spain, the only one that went in was one from Suisse.  Was a great game with supporters going silly on both sides of the fence (most of them reasonably attractive as well ;-)  ).  The Suisse went nuts at the end carrying on and singing stuff I didn't understand, the spanish were fairly quiet and think generally stunned, was a great game and glad we got the tickets.

After that we walked down to north beach (would not have considered doing this a week ago), and went into the fan fest to watch Bafana Bafana play Uruguay.  Watching the locals sing , dance and generally have a good time is quite and entertaining experience, and being right in amongst them made it all the more fun (watch the video when it finally appears).  The one thing I will take from this trip is the fact the locals are openly singing and dancing a lot of the time when it can be argued that they don't have a lot to sing and dance about.  There is no shyness here, dancing down the street, with each other in little groups and generally having a good time, it is great to be a part of and I have really enjoyed all the time I have spent in amongst the South African football supporters (who are mainly of african descent) .

Unfortunately for the Bafana, there got smashed by Uruguay, I can only imagine that the $160 US that tickets cost is a fair investment for most people here considering the price of everything else, so it was astounding to me to see South African supporters leaving before the final whistle in the game last night.  There was no partying for them last night.  If it wasn't for the Suisse supporters it would have been a quiet night, but they were everywhere, picking up from where the Australian left off, they painted the town red and white last night and were still going bananas last night when I left the bar at about 12.30 am, that is 8 hours after their game and they showed no sign of slowing.

Today is officially a rest day, we have no tickets to any games and there is nothing jumping out at us to watch today.  We may go to the water park or something similar.  Saturday morning we fly to rustenburg for Australia's next game, so Friday night we have to behave, so there may be some carry-on tonight.

One of my skaters broke a tooth yesterday so that was a bit of a downer (hope you feel better soon Steph) and I know the war of words will have now broken out between Vanessa and the Ducommmin's (Spain may have the last laugh).  This time next week I will be getting on a plane, so I will be making the most of my final week in South Africa!!!



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