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June 18, 2010 - Durban, South Africa

The last two days have been rest and relaxation (sort of) went into Durban city yesterday and had a look around.  Walked a ridiculous amount as I really didn't know where I was going and therefore wondered up and down the city street.  Was interesting though to see how everyone goes about there business in another city.  It absolutely poured rain while I was in the city for about two hours and it was funny to see all the street merchants miraculously pull out umbrellas from somewhere, and start trying to sell them at inflated prices to everyone who walked past.

Kris, Marco and I went down to the local for dinner and to watch the France game but unfortunately the kicten was closed so instead we drank and watched the game, fair to say we were pleased when Mexico won, and we came back to the apartment for Pizza and celebrated how useless the French are.  That should have been the end of the night but some idiot put up the idea of Karaoke at the bar around the corner (you may remember how well that turned out last week), so up there 6 of us went and while we there was no passing out on the grass this time, stupid singing until 2 in the morning was probably dumb enough.  As soon as we walk in now they want us to sing land down under, note to self to stay out of that place from now on.

Today (Friday) I went to the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere (that is waht the Taxi driver said anyway but he was lying) but is was wuite a large place with heaps of shops and things and had an interesting day, also managed to watch Germany get beat (are we really that bad?) and USA salvage a draw.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving the apartment at 5am!! as we need to travel to Johannesburg, by plane and then to our accommodation (which is I believe out near the game venue at Rustenburg.)  This is a 4pm game here so that means midnight at home so everyone should stay up for this one. Fair to say we must win.  Germany getting beat today really didn't make things any easier for us and really only two wins will cut it now.  Ghana are already saying they will whack us so lets hope we come up with a better plan than Sunday.  We stay one night at the accommodation at Rustenburg and then head back Sunday Afternoon our time to Durban for a couple of more days here.  I am trying to organise a day tour for myself on Monday or Tuesday to a Safari or similar to get out and see the country side.  Wednesday We will fly to Nelspruit and Thursday I will start the long trek home (hopefully not as long as the trip over.)  It seems like I only just got here and in a few days I have to come back.

Lets hope that tomorrow nights journal entry is upbeat and exciting after we smash the Ghanian's.  They will have all the support as the locals jump of any African countries band wagon.


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