A fair improvement, and a long trip

June 20, 2010 - Johannesburg, South Africa

On friday I think I said we were all going to be good as there was a very early bus trip to Joburg, I was half right, there was an early bus trip to Joburg, some of us watched the late game in at the apartment, and some boys who went out for lunch on Friday, got back about 3am.  With an Alarm set for 4.30, it is fair to say some people enjoyed the travelling (it took a long time to get to Rustenburg) a lot less than some of Us.

We got a bus to the airport, a about to Joburg, hotel transport to our accommodation, where we stayed for about 2 hours, then a bus for about 3 hours to Rustenburg.  So we left at five in the morning and including a 2 hour "stopover' got the game at 2pm, about 7 hours later. A lot of travelling for a place not that far away!!

The accommodation that we stayed in was quite nice, although it was a little cold in joburg, and the heating left a little to be desired, but the Guest house that we stayed was very nice and the people were lovely.  They also had 4 dogs, a couple of birds, there were some horses out the back, and chickens and roosters, so a very entertaining place.

Once we got to the game and found our seats (which were great) we sat down ready for a much better game.  the good news is we got one.  From the first kick off the Australians were much better, and while the Ghana side had many opportunities I think we deserved to win.   I am unsure what the commentators though but we certainly felt we got the wrong side of a couple of interesting decisions.

If the trip home was long the one home was three times worse.  While the concern was always that south Africa wasn't ready to host the world Cup, we hadn't seen any real issues ( I think other people have but WE haven't) , however that all turned around Saturday night.  There were about 40 thousand people at the game, so you can imagine our surprise when an hour and a half after leaving the game we still hadn't got on the bus o take us to the airport, it was disgraceful, the temp fencing funnelled people in like sardines and some ladies almost fainted around us. It was about 10k's to the car park and it then took about another hour and a half to get out of the car park and we certainly weren't the last.  So we left at about 5.45pm and we left the car-park at about 8.40pm to start the trip back to Joburg about 2 and 1/2 hours away.  Completely unacceptable, scary and not good enough from the organisers perspective, have been happy to say how great thigs were when they have been but his was a disgrace.

Once back at the guest house we watched a replay and then everyone went to bed as it had been a long day.  This morning we flew back to Durban in the Afternoon (half of the group has headed to Nelspruit (Nelsprate)  for a safari) and the 7 of us that are still here are heading out for a quiet drink tonight.

I haven't yet been able to get myself on a safari just yet, but still holding out hope for Tuesday.  Only 4 days to go for me.


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