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Singing at the Falls

February 25, 2012 - Cuenca, Ecuador

Although the pictures don't really capture the greatness of the falls. We were amazed by their size and how we became completely soaked!

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Alice M:
March 5, 2012
Looks like an amazing waterfall! Wish I was there with you. The singing is a nice added touch.
Raquel Aronhime:
March 6, 2012
Can I just say that Eva is completely obsessed with this song and sings it incessantly, driving Sammy crazy...and me too! But actually, the kid is starting to show she has a voice! Not in church mind you, where she is still just lip syncing...but at home (or in the car, as Allie knows) she lets it out! Hopefully she will break it out for Mark Howe one of these days... I can't wait to show her this video tomorrow!

Anyway, this is about you, not us! Amazing waterfalls, and I have been enjoying catching up on the blog. We miss you guys and are very jealous that you will be speaking Spanish, as opposed to our half-Ecuadorian kids. Sammy did say "glacias" to me today for something...cute little gringo!
Jim Curtuine:
March 6, 2012
Hey Guys,
Love the blog, brings us right there with you!
Anne/Mom/or Granny:
March 7, 2012
WOW, Those falls look great !!!!
Singing's impressive too
How far away are the falls? Whole family visit?
Where's Seb?
Love to all
Josiah on his kindle fire:
March 19, 2012
Those falls look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 1, 2012
Hehe. Good job guys! How do you belt those notes?! :)
Emma S.:
April 15, 2012
Haahahaha!!! Great Job!!!! :) :) :) Looks awesome. :)

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