Things I have learned about Scotland

February 5, 2008 - Greenock, United Kingdom

Let's sum up a few things Ive learned about Scotland. Ofcourse the list will get longer in time:)

- "Scottish" doesn't even come close to english, a few examples...aye=yes, bonnie=beautiful, ben=mountain, glen=valley, loch=lake

- Busdrivers drive like maniacs here. They all think theyre F1 racers. Seriously, I feared for my life a couple times. And dont even think for a minute theyre gonna show up on time, or show up at all.

- The deepfried marsbars is not a myth, it really does exist!! Fine example of scottish cuisine lol what else can we deepfry...

- Haggis is not being served in a sheep's stomach anymore. its forbidden actually. Still, I havent tried it...Im scared :-(

- Pedestrians are allowed to cross diagonal at intersections. They friggin better, as they have exactly 30 seconds to make it across. poor oldies...

- Nobody can enter a bar after 11.30 and everything closes at 2 am. *partaaayyy*

- Its about 2 hrs with the ferry to Belfast, Ireland, and from up north you can take the ferry to Norway!

- I still look the wrong way when crossing a street. Wtf do they do driving on the left side anyway!!

- Girls, still dont know if its they wear something underneath their kilts?? Dont worry, im determined to find out before i leave, ill keep you posted!

- The great time telling mystery....this little mistake almost costs us to show up for work an hour early. THE HORROR!! When they say its half 1 they actually mean its 1.30... silly us for thinking they meant 12.30

- No use using an umbrella when it rains, when it rains the wind is crazy... worn out umbrellas since december 2nd:4

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