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September 5, 2008 - Yangshou, China

We are currently in Yangshou after taking a 2 hour flight from Xi'an to Guilin followed by a 1.5  hour nightmare minibus journey to our hotel.  The roads were so bumpy and the bus driver seemed to enjoy driving as fast as he could, which made our journey interesting!  We were bouncing around out of our seats, it was almost like being in a jeep on safari!  Yangshou is spectacular, set in the hills with small tiny cobbled streets. Our tour guide was spot on when he described the area as paradise, this is the best place we have seen so far, very authentic and traditional. Our hotel, the Explorer, is much better than the last one thankfully!

Last night our tour group had a real cantonese meal then we headed out with a local fisherman to watch him cormorant fishing, it was awesome.  We were escorted by our tour guide (Dragon) by torch down to the boat.  It was fantastic to watch the birds with rope tied loosely around their necks dive into the water and re-appear with fish in their mouths.  We stopped off at an embankment and got our photos taken with the fisherman and one of the birds. 

This morning we had another early start and got on bikes to head into the beautiful countryside.  We visited a local family and had a chinese cookery demonstration, which was such fun.  We were shown how to make some of the local dishes before we sat down to enjoy them for our lunch.  We were out on the bikes for approx 5 hours so I reckon our legs will hurt a little tomorrow!  Ouch!

This afternoon, I have spent the last couple of hours getting a tai chi lesson from one of the local instructors - it was great fun.  We were in the main square practicing our routine.  Don't worry I will give you a demonstration when I get home! I promise!

Tonight we are off out again for another group meal which will be nice.  Everyone in the group is so nice and we all get on well.  Tomorrow we are off on a cruise up the River Li in the morning then taking part in a calligraphy lesson in the afternoon.  Later that night we get the overnight sleeper train to Hong Kong.  Yet another adventure to look forward to......

We have managed to upload a few more photos! 

Love Cara & Richard

**** Are you missing us yet?! ****

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Mum & Dad McElhinney:
September 5, 2008
Your photos as amazing - feel as if we are there with you (wish we were!!). We have put your names in for the Tour De France next year and think instead of cat a nice black bird for you Cara!!!!
Missing you a tiny weeny bit!!!!!!
Ric's Mum & Dad:
September 6, 2008
Was great to see you on Messenger both look well and obviously having a ball.
Just trawling through the photos, will see them all eventually...but by then more will have appeared! Would have loved to see the cormorant fishing, amazingly enough we saw a programme on BBC4 the other night with I think the same guy doing the fishing!!
Glad your tour and companions are so good, wanted to eat some of that food! Enjoy Hong Kong! Not really missing you as we are hearing and seeing you more than if you were at home....keep it up, its great!
September 7, 2008
Hey you two - it looks amazing - I'm soooo jealous!

I think your mum and dad's idea of a bird instead of a cat is a great plan! And I'm extremely impressed with your 5 hours of cycling..........all that hard work at the gym paid off Cara ;)

Keep the commentary up - I love hearing all about it.

September 9, 2008
Ridin' along on my pushbike, honey.
When I noticed you.
Ridin' downtown in a hurry, honey,
Down South Avenue.

You looked so pretty as you were ridin' along.
You looked so pretty as you were singing this song.
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