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October 31, 2008 - Queenstown, New Zealand

Well, here we are in Queenstown in New Zealand. We've spent the last couple of days in Christchurch where we flew into from Sydney. The first thing we noticed was the temperature - only 10C when we arrived which is just out of order! Its been a bit better than that since, but a bit of a wind has kept it cold and meant the shorts and t-shirts have remained in our rucksacks and the fleeces have been looked out!

Christchurch was a very pleasant and picturesque city that looks and feels like it should be an old English village. The small river Avon winds through the city centre, there's a large gothic cathedral right in the centre and an old fashioned tram that takes people around the main sites. We had quite a hike to find our hotel as the road it is on (Oxford Terrace) seems to be everywhere! We got there eventually which was a relief as the backpacks were getting heavier with every step.

We had quite a lazy time there, strolling around the city centre, getting the tram around town and going punting on the River Avon past the Botanic Gardens which was great and very relaxing. We decided to go to the cinema last night while we were still there just for a change (and to get out of the evening cold) which was good to do.

Today we flew down to Queenstown in just under an hour and which took us over the snow-capped Alps - it was bizarre coming into land flying past all the mountains, but very spectacular all the same. We've had a look around the place this afternoon to try and decide what we do here as they seem to have it all: skiiing, kayaking, rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving, canyoning, luge, etc, etc. Unfortunately our budget won't stretch to cover all of that, to Cara's delight as she won't need to go for a sky dive!

Its quite cool here too, though very sunny (just like in Christchurch really). The forecast looks to be better for Sunday/Monday so fingers crossed it warms up a bit...I'm sure you can all sympathise! Queenstown has a great atmosphere and bizarrely feels a bit like Fort William (apart from the sunshine), with lots of outdoor activities going on everywhere.

We're here for 3 nights so have plenty time to decide what we do, though no idea yet what that'll be - we'll keep you posted! After that we're thinking of hiring a car or campervan to drive up to Auckland via the west coast, taking in some glaciers en route.

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Mum & Dad McElhinney:
November 1, 2008
You can always join the "Caravan Club" on your return he!he! as you will be good at it by then xx
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