It's Our Last Day!

November 21, 2008 - San Francisco, California, United States

We can't quite believe its time to head home later today after a fantastic 3 month adventure! We spent Tuesday taking in the north end of the Vegas Strip including the Venetian (complete with gondolas and singing gondaliers outside), Planet Holywood, Paris (with replica Eiffel Tower) Caesar's Palace and Treasure Island hotels all of which are huge and very impressive.

We played roulette in the Planet Hollywood casino where we won a whole $50! I expect the casino will have to close down soon after such a great loss! After that we returned to our hotel and feeling lucky, Cara went straight to 'her' slot machine again but unfortunately her luck was out and there were no big jackpot wins at all. The following morning she has one final shot on her machine, at 7:50am believe it or not before we headed to the airport for our flight up here to San Francisco.

We arrived slightly late on Wednesday and picked up a hire car at the airport. We then headed to a place called Gilroy where there's an outlet shopping mall. We managed to pick up quite a few bargains and then headed up to San Francisco and to our hotel. That evening we took a wander down to Union Square which is in the city centre where all the Christmas preparations were on the go - ice rink out in the square, Christmas tree being put up, etc.

Yesterday, we took a cable car up to the Fisherman's Wharf area at the bayside. We wandered around the area taking in sealions at pier 39 which were very noisy and quite numerous. We went on a trip out to Alcatraz which is a mile or so offshore and spent a couple of hours looking around it. It was great to visit and their was an excellent audio tour which was very informative.

Later we took a very busy cable car back down to the centre, with both of us hanging on on the outside of the car as it made its way up and down the hilly streets. We did some more shopping in the centre, including Macy's and Bloomingdale's and had time to admire their Xmas tree in the square which by now had all the lights on it. Finally, we went for a couple of drinks and some food on our way back to the hotel.

We fly out about 5pm local time so have a good bit of time today. We're planning to drive around the city a bit and go to Lombard Street (aka. The Crookedest Street) then head out and over the Golden Gate Bridge, which we had some great views of yesterday from Alcatraz.

After that, we'll have to make our way to the airport and head home. Although we can't wait to see everyone, we wish we had just a bit longer - another 3-6 months or so would probably be just about enough!

See you soon!

Cara & Richard.

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William Coleman:
November 21, 2008
Well done kids, I know what you mean about wishing that you
had more time even though you will be glad to be home to see
Kith and Kin. However be happy with what you have acheived and
seen on your travels, it is more than most have done and especially
at your tender years! Thanks again for the part of your journey
that I feel I have been with you due to your written messages
and the fabulous pictures. It's been a blast as they say in younger

Your auld etc.,etc. Bill.
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