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December 3, 2008 - Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Well, we've been home for a little over the week and we're still not used to the cold! It's averaged about -2°C since we got home and its not looking like it'll improve. While we wait for the central heating and several electric fires to heat us up, we thought we'd put on a final post!

It felt like we had a good long time away whilst we were away, but as soon as we got back to work it felt like we'd almost never been away! Looking back though, its hard to believe how much we did in such a short space of time...we can't quite believe we've done things like: climb part of the Great Wall of China, stayed in a Ryokan, gone parasailing in Queenstown, done our first ever scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef, got Cara hooked on gambling in Vegas, enjoyed a Singapore Sling in Raffles, visited the killing fields in Cambodia, seen the Hollywood sign, been to Bondi Beach, stayed overnight in Halong Bay, successfully crossed the road in Hanoi, gone on an elephant ride around one of the ruins at Angkor Watt, (possibly) eaten pudding in a Chinese restuarant in Beijing mixed in with our main course, visited Hiroshima, eaten ANY of the chicken hotpot in Hanoi, stayed so close to Sydney Harbour Bridge, won 11 games of beer pong in a row, managed to find our way to our hotel in Beijing, visited Alcatraz, not managed to meet Harold Bishop and so much more!

It's been an experience we'll never forget and we'd recommend to anyone that they do the same - we'd definitely do it all again if we could! It's hard to pick a favourite place or an individual highlight as it was all great from start to finish (apart from the cockroach bit anyway!) (and the toilets in China!). Although we're sad that it's all over, it's been great to catch up with everyone at home on our return.

Anyway, here are some stats from our trip (in no particular order) which might be of interest:

  • the trip lasted 90 days
  • we visited 10 foreign countries on 3 continents
  • we went on 24 flights totalling 71 hours 56 minutes flying time
  • we stayed overnight in 39 hotels, 1 junk, 1 campervan, 3 trains and 3 planes
  • 23 (or so!) modes of transport: plane, car/taxi, boat/ferry/junk/punt, bike, motorbike, balloon, elephant, moto cart, cyclo, tuk tuk, kayak, train/maglev/subway/metro, foot, monorail, big wheel (!), moke, tram, gondola, cable car, parasail, campervan, scooter and quadbike
  • 1 bout of sea-sickness
  • 35 blog entries (including this one), with 109 comments
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses left on public transport (1 x Ray Bans on a Chinese train and 1 x Police on the flight to Rarotonga)
  • 5 boxes of souvenirs sent home
  • 5 animals seen by us for the first time (koalas, giant pandas, kangaroos, a kea and a kiwi)
  • 3,670 photographs
  • 4 cockroaches murdered in cold blood
  • an incalculable amount of mosquito bites
  • 6 vehicles hired (mini moke, scooter, campervan and 3 cars)

Hopefully the blog has been a good read now and again - it's certainly been good for us to read all the comments and it'll be great to look back on. Almost all the photos are now uploaded to Flickr - it shouldn't take too long to browse through all 3,670 of them! Have a look at our map as well to see the route we took!

So, until the next time, thanks for reading!

That's all folks,
Richard & Cara.


Mum & Dad McElhinney:
December 4, 2008
Really enjoyed reading all your entries on the blog - we felt we were with you all the way . It was great seeing you both when you returned and to hear all your adventures first hand - heres to the next adventure you two have. x
William Coleman:
December 4, 2008
Welcome back kids and as Ma & Pa MacElhinney said, it was as if we were there with you especially as there were a few places that we have visited also and it was great to hear your comments about them. Photo's are superb and given their number they will keep us going for a while, even in slideshow mode.
So here's a GIANT THANK YOU for your good work and for sharing your adventures with us. Now that you have had time to acclimatise to the Christmas type weather you should enjoy it that much more!
So have a magic Christmas and I'll bet you won't be topping that holiday for a while, but you can always hope to win the lottery but I'm not sure that would be better!

Kind Regards,

Bill (Auld Honourary Uncle) Coleman.
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