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At some point I'll write about myself here.

About our trip

We've been wanting to travel for ages, and finally we've got it sorted! Originally we thought about going for 6 months to a year and doing a full on round the world trip, but then we decided to shorten it a bit so we wouldn't have to resign from work.

So, it was then to be 3 months in Asia and Australasia instead. When we got around to booking the tickets though we found out a round the world ticket would be much cheaper instead so here we are....round the world with the emphasis still on Asia and Australasia and a final stop off in California at the end. With the exception of California, we've not been to any of the places on our list before, indeed this'll be the first time in Asia and Australasia for both of us.

Visited countries

Belgium, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States. (15 countries, 7%)

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