Cordoba: Reunion with mezcla and La Mezquita

May 2, 2011 - Córdoba, Spain

Note to self: Taking a 1 am night buses through Andalucia was not a good choice. The road between Madrid and Cordoba was so windy that I couldn't really sleep. After much neck jerking, we stopped at 4 am at a bus depo for a break. I asked the bus driver how long it would be and he said 15 minutes. After coming back outside from a restroom break, the bus was gone. Panic mode, start now. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere in a crowd of smoking bus drivers and weary travelers. I didn't know what to do, and thought the bus left with my suitcase. No!! I had bought my cadbury brownie mix that I was excited to make :[ I asked another bus driver if he knew what was going on and he said that the bus just went to refuel, and that I should be "tranquila" (calm down). I sure did. The bus rolled back in and I was more grateful than ever to be on that bus.
I got to Cordoba at about 6 am. Lourdes and Melissa (friends from school) picked me up and we hugged a lot. I thought I was going to  cry as soon as I saw them because I missed them so much, but they jumped up behind me and surprised me. I was so happy/disoriented from the drive there that we just laughed and hugged. We were supposed to go see the mezquita (Cordoba's famous mosque) at 9 ish but yeah that didn't work out. We slept until about 2 in the afternoon then went for coffee with Nia, Amanda and Ian. On the way we passed the bull stadium. I have seen so many roman ruins that I thought it would look old and rotting like a colusseum. Nope! Then Lourdes and I got our eyebrows done. This is officially a special ritual for us since we had gotten them done together in the Heights in Manhattan last summer ;) Anyway, the ladies who worked at the coffee place were so rude so I guessed that people must go there for the treats and not the service. Also you have to pay as soon as they bring you anything. I had a cheesecake that I couldn't even finish along with a coffee and we just relaxed and chatted.
We walked around downtown, which has winding cobblestone streets similar to Aix's (where I live in France), and took pictures by the river. It was so soothing just standing on the bridge and looking down at the river. Lourdes even recorded the sound so we will be listening to that a lot when we go back to stressful Wellesley. Later we sat some more and enjoyed each other's company. I was down for the sitting; people may walk a lot here but they sure know how to sit too!
The next morning I went with Selenia's cousin Ignacio to go see the Mezquita. It was supposed to be free before 10 am but I guess we got there too late, if 9:58 is late :P Anyway the inside was gorgeous and full of islamic arches. It used to be a mosque when the moors invaded, but now it is Christian. It looked pretty Christian from the outside anyway. I think the moors saw it coming. The inside smelled of incense and old rocks. We sat near the pulpit and chatted for a while before leaving to get something to eat. I tried a spanish tortilla which tastes jut like a big hash brown. They even make sandwiches of those there. Carbs and carbs, yay! Then I went to have a damm lemon (a beer drink with a ton of lemon inside) with Lourdes and we caught up. 
It was great catching up with friends and seeing how much being abroad has chilled all of us out. People would get up and say "I have to go. I have to go take a siesta." Such hard work, living in Spain! After much siesta-ing we went out for a final dinner (at 10 pm, the typical dinner time here) at this typical place with plates of all kinds. I did not know what so many of the things were, but I knew I wanted pork. And I got it. Pork chops with chorizo sausage and "salad". I thought I would be able to finally see something green, but no, it was potato salad. Mmm carbs in my salad! : P  Good thing I am doing a ton of walking, that's all I'm sayin'. Then we went out to for a type of sangria with lime. Delicious! On to Sevilla tomorrow.


Reunitied with my good friend Lia from Portland!

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May 4, 2011
Nice!! Friends in Espana
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