Still Alive

April 28, 2011 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Heeey! I'm still alive and in Bratislava!! ... it's a little sketch though... but that might just be because it's gloomy weather... and it's not as pretty as it's Czech or Austrian counterparts. I love this trip!!  It's a little scary travelling alone; there's no one to blame things on if something goes wrong, other than yourself, haha. I just barely made the bus this morning because Vienna has trouble making adequate maps or putting up proper signs. And I'm not exaggerating here... the city map the info place gave me was HORRIBLE and HUGE and was almost entirely PINK for some reason I do not know but made things impossible to find because all the major locations were written in RED. AND everything was really far apart and there was no complete transit with streets map. *sigh* I ran about the airport like a crazy woman trying to find the buses this morning. Had to get directions from a taxi guy, haha. But I'm here now! I'm excited. I'm going to go downtown now and see if I can find the free tour. :D And maybe lunch. Or breakfast, for that matter.I feel so much better having found the hostel and dropped my bag off. And having a computer!


P.S. In case your wondering "Moje vznášadlo je plné úhorov" is how one says "my hovercraft is full of eels" in Slovak. :D I love basic phrase websites.

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