May 3, 2011 - Lyon, France

I'm back in Lyon! Felt kind of good to be going "home" actually, as much as I wish we could've spent more time in Budapest. 

One exam down, one more to go tomorrow! After that, I just have to finish one essay, finish a book and write an essay on that, and turn both of those in by Friday when Amanda comes into town!! I'm going to show her all the best things of Lyon, and then we'll take off for a day at the beach- I mean, er, sightseeing in Montpellier, and then I have a week to research English caves and write my final essay! And then Mary and Michael come to stay with me!! My life rocks. But it's busy. And I should be studying, not updating the blog....


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David & Karyn-Dumfries, VA:
May 13, 2011
Welcome back to Lyon!
Have a wonderful time with your big Sister and brother-in-law!
God bless!
David & Karyn
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