Videos » Biking the Berges REMIX!

Biking the Berges REMIX!

February 17, 2011 - Lyon, France

So, Elaine gave me the idea, because she said : "add some music and this could be a really cute little video" and then I added some music... but it wasn't quite right. So I added some more. And then it seemed to want a title, so I gave it one. And then, well, it needed some kind of text to give it a story...and yeah. Well, you can see what happened then. :D

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momma N pappi:
February 18, 2011
author, author!!! encore, encore!!!!
This was fabulous!!!! Thanks for taking us on your birthday bike ride!!! (you sure have come a long way from those days of crashing into the rails at OLS to stop!) Dad says it is so "art-sy French" that you should reward yourselves with chocolate tartes!
Love you!!!!!!

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