September 9, 2012 - Göteborg, Sweden

After some serious rescheduling thoughts, involving 2 ferries back to Denmark and over to Norway in the hope of using the wind to our advantage, we discovered on waking that the wind had given up. Apparently Sweden has accepted our arrival and planned departure. Highly skeptical as to whether the lack of trees straining in the wind was because of the subsidal of our 48hr nemesis rather than being slightly further in land in the idyllic, misty grand designs haven, we half expected to be beaten again on return to the coast. Much to our surprise this didnt happen, despite cautiously proceeding without reference to the weather we flew to Gothenburg, straight along the roads recommended by Emma and Carna and arrived in at 11.30 in time for a mc donalds picnic and wifi abuse session. It was such a pleasure to be riding without grinding into nowhere and able to hold a conversation without having to shout. Bolstered by our mornings performance, wanting to make the most of the calm conditions we almost considered bypassing Gothenburg to make as much progress up the coast as possible whilst the wind was on the back foot. However I had agreed to try and catch a childhood friend and the considering the lack of sightseeing thus far, Sweden's second largest city is probably one to take on board.
We took a cycling tour around Gothenburg, more accurately a frustrating circular trip in the drizzle trying to find an open and reasonably priced hotel whilst trying not to get run over by trams, buses, cars and cyclists all of whom share fight for priority. Following some useless advice from our first unhelpful swede (possibly stemming from her irritation at our decision to ride through the shoppin centre and generally sweaty and smelly appearance), we eventually gave into the monopoly of hotels in the station square all charging within 1500 kronas to the nearest 10krona (£1)!!  Our room comes with the bbc world service and a view of people crossing Gothenburg's central square with large chocolate bars and no shoes!? However following on from yesterday's Ritz experience we are continuing to climb our way up the social ladder to well and truly beyond our means.
After the most amazing shower, we met Karin who immediately got to business and took us to Gothenburgs cake district. Dani, a professed experienced eater of 5 Morrisons choc chip cookies had to enlist some level of help to demolish her slab and still left with a sugar headache. We then departed the quaint tea shop only to arrive at the huge cinnamon bun cafe and then after a brief investigation of Gothenburg's 'famous' naked and poorly endowed fountain, we hit the grille buffe. Literally the perfect afternoon!
The route plan for tomorrow has two potentials option A -pending ideal weather. Option B -pending disastrous weather. Given no reliable way of finding such information we shall simply have to ride.
And pray.

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