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September 12, 2012 - Moss, Norway

A hasty exit from Halden leads us to a Mc Donald's not really on the way to Oslo at around 8.30. Dani was keen to head for Moss, a place not recommended by her favourite bike mechanic. Since he had no other recommendations, we headed for moss. This change of direction back towards the coast lead us once more into the wind which was not devoid of strength almost blowing my helmet off at several occasions.

Today we are joined on our table in Mc Donald's by a morbidly obese pensioner, leaving us wondering why we attract the worst smelling members of Norway. Another Norwegian assumption is that we're German, today a security guard begins a conversation 'Morgan'. My German being as proficient as my Swedish means that I make no pretence of understanding. Later I was once more chatting to in rapid German, this time as opposed to the rest of the conversation being held in English the woman promptly ran off.
Today we ironically rode past Rygge -Oslo airport. A typical Ryan air destination 65km south of the expected arrival city- however they are more than happy to arrange transport at a fee. So rather inefficiently we will ride on past the airport only to return in a few days.

Today was canoeing time. We had decided again. It wad not long before our canoeing dreams were shattered again after having to book in advance, spontaneous canoeing is not acceptable behaviour. Instead we were promised beach action, a fair trade. Kitted out for my sea swim, we headed to the beach. When we arrived at the shipping lane it was make or break. The water was cold but for several hundred miles north of Scotland it was positively roasting. It was after I'd dried off that we found the actual beach 75m from the my entry point. Not surprising we'd missed it at not more than 15m long, however the remains of a fire inspired us for a BBQ later. We gathered a small amount of wood and vowed to return with equipment. A real international shopping mall sits on the other side of our b&b. We meandered through the best sports shops containing everything from bikes to survival kit, a kids play area and guns. Fortunately we spend too long procrastinating on how the BBQ was to be executed as the heavens promptly opened and drenched our firewood store. Having only invested in a lighter and some marshmallows at this point it's lucky I'm not having to carry a grill with me to Oslo!
So that brings me to now sat in pizza hut listening to 'against all odds' waiting for gradual instalments of our all you can eat buffet. In a race for pizza with four other larger Norwegians the raid on the first pizza was grabbing several slices at a time, leaving one lady with slower reaction times missing out in this round. Her tactic for the next round was to pass the next 20mins hovering by the hot plate. Trying to work out whether this was a clever or dumb tactic on the behalf of the restaurant for an all you can eat buffet, either annoying people and causing them to leave before eating much, allowing people digestion and satiation time and so eating less or making people feel the need to grab as much food as they can whilst it's available and ultimately leading to more waste. It's questionable as to whether this kind of feeding can be described as a buffet, but it perhaps explains why unlocked free wifi is available so I'm not complaining.

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September 13, 2012
Another excellent read and very interesting insight into pizza hut buffet strategies.

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