Returning To Paradise

February 20, 2013 - Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

The Gentleman: I'm sitting here in another hammock, looking out onto another incredible picture-postcard beach scene, so now seems like a good time to put in another post and update everyone on what we've been up to since our last entry.

It feels like ages ago that we were in Phnom Penh so I wont go into too much detail because otherwise this could go on for a while! After leaving Cambodia's capital we caught a very full bus over to the city of Siem Reap, the base for exploring the amazing Temples of Angkor. We spent three nights there but decided to try and cram all of our temple exploring into one very long, very hot, very tiring day. And I do mean very long. This involved waking up at 4.30am and cycling 25 mins, in the dark, to be able to watch the sun come up over the 8th Wonder of the World - Angkor Wat. There was still quite a crowd even at that early hour but once we headed into the bowels of the temple itself we were able to find serene pockets of peace and quiet where it felt like we had the 1200 year old place to ourselves. The rest of the day was spent cycling around some of the less well known ruins and ended with a sunset elephant trek down from the Phnom Bakheng temple which sits at the top of a forest covered hill, overlooking the whole area.

Like I said it was a very long, very painful, very tiring day, but ultimately a very rewarding one. Our pictures from Siem Reap and from our day exploring Angkor Wat and the other temples have been up in two separate albums for a few days but if you havn't already seen them, check them out in the pictures section.

After Siem Reap we caught another bus, this time crossing the border with Thailand and headed back to the bustle of Bangkok. We had both decided that we'd had our fill of Bangkok when we first visited so we jumped straight in a taxi over to the train station and managed to get ourselves a combined train and bus ticket to go to the town of Krabi on the Andaman (West) coast of Thailand.

Krabi Town itself is fairly non-descript. It's just a town really, there is not much to report. The highlight was finding a delicious, and very cheap, night food market right across the street from our hotel. We ate here all of our three nights, sampling as much of the local Thai fare as we could, including egg-fried mussels with beansprouts, "noodles in gravy with everything", lots of fried quail eggs and, of course, some very tasty Pad Thai.

Although there isn't much to report from Krabi Town, it does serve as the jumping off point for the rest of the spectacular Krabi province. From the pier near our hotel we were able to take short boat rides over to Ao Nang Beach and to our next stopping point, the beautiful Railay.

Railay is actually an outcrop of land attached to the Thai mainland but has a very distinct island feel to it. There are no roads, no cars, no bikes and it takes only five minutes to walk from the Eastern beach all the way across to the Western one or down to the famous Phra Nang Beach on the South coast. The beaches are white sand and turquoise water affairs and are surrounded by towering limestone cliff formations, providing us with some pretty spectacular photo ops. Our one night there was spent in a rustic bungalow (read: basic and rickety shack lol) tucked on top of a very steep path nestled in the jungle. We fell asleep that night with some very interesting (read: terrifying) noises coming from outside our very insecure window and the mosquito net tucked as tightly as humanly possible under the mattress. Still, the view from our porch and the tranquility as we woke early the next morning were worth the slightly higher heart rate!

Leaving Railay behind the next day we took a short 2 hour boat ride to our current home, the island of Ko Phi Phi. If you were impressed with our beach paradise pictures from Ko Pha Ngan, wait until you see our attempts from here. This place is breathtaking. Out of this world beauty. I won't even try and describe it on here I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. It is going to be very, very hard to even leave in the first place, but it will be even harder to get Ko Phi Phi off my mind once we do.


That will do for now. You're all caught up with our recent movements and its almost time for a sunset cocktail or two. The American will be back in a few days with more travelling tales of woe. Pictures from Krabi Town, Railay and Ko Phi Phi will start going up as soon as I've posted this. Make sure you check them out when you get a second. As always, comments and suggestions, jealous or otherwise, are much appreciated :-)


Things from our point-of-view
Self shot of us getting massaged
Chas's feet getting some serious fish love!
Ton with a view of the Night Market behind

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