Hammocks and Happy Hours

January 8, 2013 - Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

The Gentleman: So we were actually intending to be reasonably productive yesterday - got up nice and early and set off to explore a different part of the island and see what we could find. Then we came across a deserted stretch of beach and two hammocks hanging under the shade of a tree. A place where productivity takes a back seat. It would have been rude not to though really.

As I was lying there staring out onto the turquoise water, sipping a drink and watching the tiny waves break on the beach, I thought to myself that life couldn't get much better. Then I hear the faint strains of Bob Marley's greatest hits start up from the restaurant behind us and knew I'd been wrong. It had just got better. Perfection achieved.

Pictures of our very stressful Monday are now live. Enjoy and keep the comments coming, we like hearing from everyone!

Until the next time :-)



Just strolling along...
Chas's POV shot
Chas doing his Daniel Craig thing...
This pretty much sums it up


January 11, 2013
Hey! Back on English soil. Had a good holiday and did manage to keep up with you guys. So glad all is wonderful in paradise. Long may it continue. Luv you loads.x
January 12, 2013
First trip into rainy Manchester yesterday all on my lonesome...

Nobody to tell me which circuitous route to take (I found a new one!) and nobody to have a cheeky spontaneous lunch with! Miss you xxx
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