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January 16, 2013 - Patong, Phuket, Thailand

The American: I find myself in another taxi going to some unknown place on a side of the world I never imagined I would lay eyes on. But here I am with Phuket fading away behind me and Singapore waving me in. I don't think my conscious self has even begun to realise yet that this is my life. Tonya's life now consists of jumping from city to city, country to country, and eventually continent to continent...this can't be right can it?

Eighteen days into our travels, I feel it's time to relate some of my experiences to all of you that may think that the old me has morphed into this great adventurer. Im sure none of you will be surprised to know that nothing is further from the truth. Firstly, don't get me wrong, everywhere has been absolutely beautiful. I mean breathtakingly stunning. If I wasn't actually here myself I would think that all the pictures you see of these places on postcards and google images were photoshopped, but believe me when I say they are not. Its fair to say that my eyes have not felt the slightest bit robbed of beauty. HOWEVER, the rest of my body is a COMPLETELY different story...
Let's think back to Day 2 when Chas and I had our first full day in Bangkok and we wanted to see the city. Bangkok is crazy. Everyone told us before we went that we would not know what hit us when we arrived, and it's not far from the truth. Tons of people around trying to swindle you for this thing or that thing. Being treated to some of the most divine food smells I've ever smelt, only to be smacked across the face seconds later with the smell of old, dried up fish garbage. Tuk tuk drivers stalking you along the streets. "Tuk tuk? Tuk tuk? Where you going?" It's like a never ending soundtrack to your time in Bangkok. In all actuality I've never felt so bombarded in my life (until I went to Patong, but that comes later). Between all the hustle and bustle, there lives a tremendously religious people that go out of their way and way out of their pockets to show their support to their god. And this is no exaggeration, there is money lining the streets for monks, temples, etc. Just out in the open! Not locked up but out for all to touch if they wanted. But the beauty behind it is that all this money is laying around but not a single soul goes near it, and this is in a city where everyone's out to make as much money as possible in the streets--it's eye opening. But on this particular day, because we are not spending any unnecessary money, Chas and I walked everywhere. No Mr. Tuk Tuk man, we will not accept your ride around the city for £2 ($1.50) because we can save that money by WALKING. I bet in two days we walked 30 miles (however Chas will tell you 10 but don't listen to him). And we did this in the dead flip flops...when I have only been wearing boots in the cold and wet of England for the past year and an half. Blister central over here! My feet may never be the same again. We managed to go through two full packages of bandaids because of these blisters. I think I broke at least two toes walking those two days. Oh, and I did manage to deal with an infected fingernail whilst in Bangkok as well. Was Chas hurt in any way I hear you ask?? No of course he wasn't!
So, in short, eyes very happy with this decision to travel, nose doesn't know what the hell is going on and I dont think my hands and feet will ever let me live it down!
I have much, much more to tell but for now, I'll leave you with that. To be continued...
We did add a new photo album -- Whiskey Buckets and Weed~Ko Pha Ngan boat trip -- and updated the following albums with lots more photos for your viewing pleasure: Ko Pha Ngan, Those Buses and Boats and Thailand Randomness.
Enjoy and keep those posts and comments coming!



Craziest taxi ride EVER!
View from taxi
View from taxi
View from taxi
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