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January 17, 2013 - Singapore, Singapore

The Gentleman: Rather than wait my turn, ive decided instead to interrupt the epic, multi-part blockbuster that is The American Version of Events with my own pearls of wisdom from today. Worry not, I am informed that The American will return tomorrow or the next day to finish off her story of personal injury woes.


Today we temporarily left Thailand, our home for almost the last three weeks, and headed south for Part 1 of our Singaporean adventure (yes, it's a word). I have actually been to Singapore before. However I was only 11 at the time and I think we only stayed for 1 night so I had no proper recollections of the place itself. Lots of people before we left had warned us away - reckoning that it is "just a big city" and really expensive for penny stretchers like us. However, having only been here for 12 hrs or so I think I speak for both of us when I say that we thoroughly disagree with what we'd been told.


Coming from the "Blackpool-on-steroids" type of vibe in Patong, arriving in Singapore today has been something of a breath of fresh air. So clean, so efficient, so easy, great people, great food, great weather, no taxi drivers bothering you every two seconds and if you think about what you're doing, really not that expensive either!


Once safely on terra firma at the airport, we breezed through customs and my bag was the very first one that came out onto the carousel, when does that EVER happen?? Even after so many trips and so many airports over the years that has never happened. Singapore off to a flyer in my book. Clearly this city is better than everywhere else ever.


After changing our money at an actual licensed exchange branch with 0% commission for once, we hopped onto the MRT train at the airport and headed into the city centre and to our hostel. The MRT is like London's Underground system, easily the best way to get around, except that this one is spotlessly clean, routes and options easily explained at every station, runs like clockwork and doesn't have 10 million irritated Londoners barging you out of the way or breathing in your face. Ticket for the 25min journey into town cost about £1.50.


Next, after a quick turnaround at our hostel and a brief stop-off at Wendy's for a Frosty Cone (yes Americans you heard me!) we were back on the MRT again, heading this time to the waterfront and the Singapore Indoor Stadium for our gig/concert/night out. This night is the reason we will be paying 2 visits to Singapore on our travels.


We bought tickets a few months ago to see Swedish House Mafia on their last ever tour. Some of you will have no idea who they are. Some of you will know who they are and won't approve. I don't care. Some of you will say they sold out and they're too commercial now etc etc. I don't care. Say what you want people because we went and we did it and they were INCREDIBLE and it was worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY :-)


SHM finished at about 11.25 so after a very brisk "I'm trying to look like I'm not worried about missing the last train of the night at 11.30 but if there wasn't so many people around I'd be sprinting" type of walk to the station, we headed back towards our hostel. It's now around midnight and we've eaten nothing but beers and a frosty cone all day. It's food time. Luckily there's a 24 hr food shop/restaurant/best place ever right near our station stop. This place has not 1, not 2 but 7 different sections to choose from under one roof offering hawker/street food from all different Asian cuisines made to order right in front of you. It's fast food, Asian style and it's outrageously good. I went for the Korean kimchi ramen soup that came in a bucket sized bowl and was topped with a runny egg, all for £2. The American chose a pork and shrimp noodle dish with a very exotic sounding name that escapes me at the moment (sorry J!). She really splurged on her choice and spent £2.50 and was rewarded with a portion size that MADE NO SENSE. You know those trays you get to carry your plate on at buffets or what McDonald's puts their eat-in orders on? The plate was that big and was stacked high and wide with noodles. We didn't even get close to finishing half.


So after staggering home very slowly, that's where you find your author, lying in bed after a very long day trying to get my belly to go down and my ears to stop ringing.


New pics from Patong are now live in a new album - hope you enjoy. More will be going up in the next few days so keep checking in. The American will hopefully return soon to continue her story and fill you all in on anything and everything that's been missed out in between posts.


Until the next time...




A very early morning wait for a taxi
Ton at Phuket airport
Another day, another flight, another country
Arriving at the stadium


January 18, 2013
From a snow bound, weather warning-tastic UK, it all sounds ah-mah-zing!

Thanks for the food update, it's about time, but no name, no photo...really?!

Hugs and kisses!
The Gentleman:
January 18, 2013
I told you the photos will be going up in next couple of days! Patience woman! X
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