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January 18, 2013 - Singapore, Singapore

The American: So moving away from Bangkok and down to the island of Ko Pha Ngan, we embarked on the very first overnight land and water journey of our trip. The trip was better than I thought it would be (Dramamine assisted of course) but very long and, with travelling through the night, very tiring! There was a lot of waiting around but that is to be expected I suppose. The boat seemed especially long because you're riding along on open water for ages and you don't seem to comprehend the progress that you're actually making. Then you see the islands on the horizon and think "woo hoo we're almost there" then it takes another hr at least until you actually arrive. But once the sun rose and we started to see these islands appear in the distance, Chas and I hurried to the top of the boat to soak in the beauty we would be experiencing for the next 10 days--but, surprise surprise, I ended up soaking up much more than just the scenery.
I've come to realise that if I don't feel something happening to me right then and there, I will never acknowledge that it is occurring. What I mean by this is that Chas saw the sun out and so immediately went for the sunscreen. I on the other hand had my sunglasses on and felt the cool breeze on my face from the speed of the boat so, feeling fine and loving life, I did no such thing. An hour later we arrived in Ko Pha Ngan, I strapped on my massive backpack and thought someone had just poured hot coffee down my shoulders and back. Oh my days, I was redder than a tomato with the nose of Rudolph to match. I would describe my face as looking like a ginger raccoon. Oh my god it hurt, and it didn't stop hurting until it began falling off in record breaking pieces. Yuck!
Moving back into the present: as you know from Chas's last post, we are now in Singapore for a few days mainly to see Swedish House Mafia. At this very moment I'm sitting on the roof top terrace of our hotel kicking my feet back on the wicker sectional and enjoying a breakfast of toast with an array of spreads, fresh oranges, watermelon, and dragon fruit, all finished off with an extra strong cup of fresh coffee. No more instant coffee for this girl, no sir. Maybe sounds a bit plain to those of you sitting in your living rooms back at home, but I'm finding myself enjoying even the smallest things while travelling. I'm thoroughly enjoying this breakfast right here, right now. Back at home, if it wasn't a massive plate of eggs, bacon and hash browns, I wouldn't want anything to do with it. Funny isn't it?
Although I'm feeling quite at peace right now, I am pestered by this mosquito bite I received on the tip of my pinky toe last night. For those of you that may not know this about me, I have a bit of beef with mosquitos. They LOVE me, I HATE them. It's not a good relationship. I have allergic reactions to their bites and combined with their love for me....well it's just not pretty. And don't think I have just one little bite on my pinky toe, no no, I can count nine massive, bright red welts just on the tops of my legs. How many bites has Chas had you ask? One. Let's keep a scoreboard from this point on just for giggles: Tonya-15 Chas-1.
But it is this one bite on my toe that reminds me of a sticky situation I got myself into while on Ko Pha Ngan. You remember that lovely picture Chas illustrated for you about the day on the hammocks and the ocean and the sun and Bob Marley and our perfect, perfect life? He wasn't lying, he described it exactly how it was...for HIM. This spot we found right on the beach had this big tree that had four hammocks all around it. There were two particular hammocks that we liked the best, with one of them being our favourite because of the size of it and the proximity to the ocean. This is the one you've probably seen in lots of our pictures. The others weren't very wide so were a little harder to manoeuvre. Chas had been using the large hammock for most of the day and after many hours of trying to stay balanced in the smaller ones I asked if we could switch. Being the loving husband he is, he obliged.
So there I am experiencing the same ecstasy as Chas had described before, the whole shebang--sun on my face, ocean waves crashing on the beach, Bob Marley putting me in the mood, etc. I had noticed throughout the day that Chas would tend to put his foot down to give himself a steady but faint rock as he relaxed in our paradise, so I wanted to give it a go. For about two minutes I'm just in heaven. I put my book over my eyes and am just about to have a little snooze...AH! OUCH! WHAT THE..?? My foot is on fire! Tears are coming to my eyes! I throw my book off my face sit up and go to grab my foot and AH! OUCH! Now my hand is burning and in agonising pain too! I am being attacked by fire ants! Are you kidding me?!?! I manage to swipe all of them off myself and am cocooned into a ball on the hammock in so much pain when I look down and see hundreds of these red hot ants staring up at me giving me the finger, just waiting for me to get off so they can attack again. So while Chas is thinking that he never wants to leave this place because he's never experienced such relaxation ever in his life, I actually can't leave because I might get killed! I've watched those documentaries about the fire ants that take down cows in Florida, and this is not my first show down with enemy. I remember getting attacked in Florida when I was little and my dad running after me in a panic beating off every last one of them with his shirt. Oh the pain! Oh the terror! So this is it, I'm never getting off this hammock. Then the fighter in me kicks in and I pull of this ninja like flip into the air to fly off as far from the hammock as possible. And when I say ninja-like flip I mean more like some sort of special person, arms and legs flailing in the air, eyes crossed, tongue hanging out, beached whale somersault, almost landing with a face full of fire ants. But I managed to narrowly escape, and with tears in my eyes and welts all over my hands and feet I limp over to Chas who slowly opens his eyes and says, "life doesn't get much better than this does it babe?"


Not bad for a free breakfast :-)
Breakfast on the rooftop
Hadn't seen any of this nonsense for a bit!
A bad time to be stuck on a rooftop!
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