Huế and onwards

January 25, 2013 - Hue, Vietnam

The Gentleman: Just a quick one this time I promise. Last post was a tad excessive perhaps, but that's what happens when I have three and a half hrs to fill!

We're still in Hue at the moment for one more night. Train tickets are booked to head down to the city of Danang in the morning. It's only a couple of hrs south but apparently has an amazing beach so looking forward to checking that out. Hue has actually been quite nice as well, more pleasant and relaxed than Hanoi anyway! We havnt had a full chance to explore because its been throwing it down most of the day today but we saw most of the main attractions yesterday and just had a nice relaxing day eating pizza and watching the Muzza semi final today so we're quite content with moving on again.

Lastly, and most importantly, the aforementioned pics from Ha Long Bay, all 150+ of them, are now up and the album is complete. Took FOREVER to get them on so I hope you enjoy. We've also posted a much smaller Hue album and have some funny pics of our overnight train in the new Planes, Trains and Automobiles album.

We'll put another post up from the beaches of Danang in the next few days. That's all for now


What happens when Ton gets at a buffet breakfast..
Courses 2 and 3
First course of Chas's breakfast...

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January 26, 2013
Amazing pictures folks - looks gorgeous. Mind, we've got our own beautiful scenes here - snow, slush,'ve no idea what you're missing!
Thanks for the food pics - I like! Apart from the passion fruit pics which made me a bit crazy! Keep 'em coming. What's been the best dish in each country - that's a good album.
Love ya both
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