Leaving disaster behind: moving onward and upward

January 29, 2013 - Hoi An, Vietnam

The Gentleman: As you've heard, it's been a rocky last few days for us with loss of The American's beloved camera. May it rest in peace. While it is very upsetting and frustrating that we have lost the camera itself and also a years worth of pictures that we will never see again, we are deciding now to see the silver linings and move, as the title suggests, onward and upward.

That being said, we have happily left the city of Danang and headed 1 hour south to the gorgeous little town of Hoi An. Danang was a very strange place. It is supposedly one of the biggest cities in Vietnam and it has all the makings to be amazing. Airport, train and bus stations with good links to anywhere and everywhere in the country, great location, great weather, massive stretch of incredible beaches, amazing scenery, lots of good fresh seafood restaurants. But in the part where we stayed, right near the beach, there was just nobody there! There are these massive wide, long, palm tree lined streets running right along a picture postcard beach but there's nobody on them, barring the odd local on a motorbike or in a taxi giving us funny looks. You will see from our pictures, the supposedly famous My Khe beach was completely deserted.

Now your probably thinking well that's better than it being packed full of tourists and yes, you would be right. But there was just something about being there in these massive wide open spaces on your own that gave it a very strange, surreal, eerie feeling. Like we'd stumbled into a ghost town or everyone knew something we didn't.

Nevertheless we struggled through it. We spent the whole two days on basically our own private soft sand beach, sunbathing and staring out onto blue waters and mountains in the distance. It was hard work but we got through it just so we could report it back to everyone whose reading this. You're welcome. And obviously things could have been a lot worse. I very very nearly dived face-first into a jellyfish the size of an exercise ball. So, you know, every cloud...

As I mentioned above, we're now in the town of Hoi An, just south of Danang. Considering it is easily the shortest journey we have to plan in our whole trip, it was far too complicated and stressful to get down here. But now we're here, oh my god was it worth it! The place is incredible. Described by someone (me) as the "Venice of Vietnam" it is definitely living up to expectations so far and we've only been here 24hrs. The 'Old Town' has over 2000 years of history and is (another) UNESCO World Heritage Site. On top of all that, all the little restaurants and bars lining the incredibly picturesque river sell beer for 12p (20cents) a glass. This is our kinda place.

A very small album of our time in Danang is now up in the pictures section. Don't let our opinions of the town put you off, the pics are still worth a look! And as The American pointed out in her last post, the train ride from Hue down to Danang is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. It certainly beats the 8.03 from Westhoughton into Manchester on a cold, snowy Monday morning anyway. Pics of the ride and the views from the train are also now live in our Planes, Trains and Automobiles album. Have a look see.

We'll be back in the next few days with posts and pics from our time in Hoi An. Until then, keep the comments/feedback/suggestions/insults coming...


More puppy pictures
Chas happy to be back on the beach!
Thankfully these little guys weren't on the menu!
My Khe beach from a sunbathers perspective


January 29, 2013
Wow how exciting! You guys sound like you are having a blast. What a great opportunity and great memories you are making! Jealous!!! Be safe and have the times of your life. xxoo luv ya Kris
Gloria VanHorn:
January 29, 2013
Beautiful pictures! Envious of your ability to make this journey! Have fun, be safe and continue to keep us all posted!!
The American:
January 30, 2013
We are having so much fun. Can't imagine ever having to stop and go back to regular grind of life. But luckily we have another 5 months before we even have to think about that! :-)

Glad you're enjoying the pictures. We figured that would be the most entertaining way to share our experiences. Kris, see you in June at the end of it all hopefully with loads of stories to tell!
January 31, 2013
Hope you're still having fun! Is it February where you are yet?!
January 31, 2013
In my own food blog news, this evening's meal has consisted of chilli dogs and chips followed by curly wurly! Jealous much?!
The American:
February 1, 2013
Ugh! Pulling at my heart strings! Looks like I've made a lasting impression then. Crocodile might be on the menu tonight, opinions?
February 2, 2013
Euw!! How was it?
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