It's just like riding a bike

February 2, 2013 - Nha Trang, Vietnam

The American: I was determined to sulk about my lost camera for as long as possible for the rest of the trip and did a good job of it until we got to Hoi An. It might have been the chocolate mousse shop next door to our hotel or the fresh doughnut street vendors on every corner, but it didn't take long for this quaint and surreal place to lift my spirits.

I got really excited when we checked into our room and there was a mosquito net for us to drape over our bed while we were sleeping. It wasn't necessary because the room was air conditioned and I don't recall seeing any mosquitos flying about the room, but sure enough every night I got Chas to untie it and tuck it into our bed. It sounds really stupid but it was one of the highlights of the trip for me so far, something so simple. Even Chas enjoyed it, although he probably won't admit it to anyone but me. He said it was like camping, but the closest he will ever get to actually camping because come to find out he hates camping. It's funny the things you learn about one another when you spend every waking second together for as long as we are doing. Oh, and for those of you who are interested in the mosquito bite score: Tonya-34 Chas-2. Annoying.

Before we even got to Hoi An, Chas got it in his head that we HAD to rent bicycles to see as much of Hoi An as possible, and because a large part of it is walking and bicycle access only, this would be the best place for us to do it. This was his mentality on it, mine was that I'm pretty sure they don't hire out knee pads, elbow pads, helmets and wrist guards so putting me on a bike was the most dangerous situation I could be put in. I was freaking out, so much so that Chas was actually convinced that I never even learned how to ride a bike. But there we were paying our $2 to rent bikes for the day, Chas buzzing with excitement and me sweating bullets because 1) I was pretty sure this would result in a trip to the hospital at best and 2) I was wearing long jeans, long sleeves and tennis shoes in 85 degree weather because I figured if I covered as much skin as possible the injuries wouldn't be as bad. Chas hops on the bike and takes off and I go a foot and see my life flash before my eyes. Omg, I actually can't ride this bike. Try going another foot and almost topple over again. I yell at Chas to stop and have to confess that I can't do it. Whoever created the saying, "it's just like riding a bike" was FULL OF IT! I suddenly thought that I never actually learned how to ride a bike, or I was really really bad at it, and fifteen years later in the streets of Vietnam I'm the laughing stock of the locals. I resorted to walking the bike around the streets for the first hour until Chas was able to take me to an abandoned park and walk alongside me as I relearned how to do it, like a three year old lol. At least I know Chas will be able to teach our kids to do it one day because obviously I will not be in charge of that task. Bless him.

Well now we're in Nha Trang, which is the party and beach capital of Vietnam and its been a lot of lying around on the beach. In fact we had to sleep on the beach from 5:30-noon after we arrived because we couldn't check into our hotel. We looked like a bunch of bums. We will give updates in the next couple of days on our time here, before we move on to Saigon. Until then, pictures of our time in Hoi An have been uploaded and are spread throughout three albums. Enjoy and keep the comments coming! Love and miss you all!


A great place to have a drink and unwind
Tonya's amazing sunset shot
Day starting to come to an end in the rice fields
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