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August 12, 2010 - Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Well, before heading to the airport for our direct flight back to Connecticut, we thought we'd post one more entry. After staying with Ann and Brian on Sunday and Monday, we left Schofield Barracks Tuesday morning. Before heading into Waikiki, we made one more stop in Mililani to see Cheryl's friend Debbie, who she used to work with, and her two kids. After the two caught up, we rec'd our first engagement card and gift. Debbie and Joe had started a tradition of collecting an ornament from each place they traveled to. So, Debbie started that for us as well with a green and gold pineapple ornament to signify our trip to Hawaii. It seemed like her kids, Emma and James enjoyed the visit with Auntie Cheryl just as much as Debbie. Emma was sitting in her chair with the blanket that Cheryl had made for her. We said goodbye and made our way to Waikiki.

We checked into our hotel, which we had a tough time finding, and found out that even though we didn't have an ocean view, we were just across the street from the beach. We wasted no time and headed out for a swim and a nice powernap. After heading back to clean up, we went to Duke's for a nice dinner to celebrate our engagement. We started off with a great appetizer of coconut shrimp with a lilikoi dipping sauce, which was so good that we just had to bring some home. Cheryl had the Ono special with a macadamia nut cream sauce and Bryan had the Nairagi special with tomatoes and jalapenos. We finished the evening off with the final piece of their Hula pie. The waitress was so excited for our engagement that she bought our appetizer and the dessert was on the house.

We woke up Wednesday morning for a surf lesson, but had to stop at McDonald's for a quick breakfast sandwich, but were treated to a nice dish of pineapple as well. Only in Hawaii....We met up with our surf instructor Donovan and after a brief 5-step explanation of how to get up, we each got up on our first attempt. They were small waves, but we each found out that it doesn't take much to surf. We each caught about 6 waves during our lesson and were even able to stear around fellow surfers that were in our path. The only thing we had to be careful of was the reef below. So, if we fell, we had to be sure to fall to the side and not feet first. Overall, it was a great experience!

Later that morning, we headed out to Hanauma Bay for our final day of sun and snorkling. Boy, did we get toasted! And yes mom, we did apply numerous layers of sunscreen. We saw the most beautiful fish yet and are hoping we come up with some great pics from our underwater disposable cameras. We went out to Cheeseburger in Paradise for our final night and had some killer burgers. Bryan's even included a pineapple slice...On our way to the beach, we stopped at Yogurtland for a frozen yogurt buffet where you could choose any combination of 12 flavors with a number of different toppings/mix-ins. You got what you wanted and paid by the ounce. Brilliant!

Well, it's been a great two weeks, but I guess it's time to get back to reality. Our direct flight is supposed to arrive in Newark around 11:30 EST tomorrow morning and hope to be back in Bridgeport around 1. We will see you all soon!

Pictures will be posted when we find a better connection somewhere...Mahalo and Aloha!



Quick Pic in front of Chinaman's Hat
Mountains and Palm Trees
Brian and Bryan
The Boys having a Beer
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