Green Sands Beach and Black Sand Beach

August 3, 2010

Although we were still exhausted, we were up early because we were still on east coast time.  We caught a 5:30 am flight over to the Big Island.  Once there we grabbed our rental car.  It was too early to check into the hotel, so we drove down to South Point.  Where did they come up with South Point?  This is the most southern point in the United States, although Florida would like to claim that they are.  Once at South Point, we grabbed our backpacks for a hike out to the Green Sands Beach.  On our way, we stopped and looked at the amazing waves crashing.  As we continued, we met a family from Massachusetts that was debating on turning around after the seemingly endless hike out to the beach.  It was made even tougher becase we were walking directly into the a headwind.  I couldn't even hear Bryan talking two feet away from me without him turning around and basically yelling at me.  Luckily we saw another couple walking towards us.  We asked if we were headed in the right direction.  We were and it was about 15 minutes further.  The actual hike out was longer than anticipated but was worth every minute of it.  Beautiful Shot of the Green Sands Beach The sand really is green!  Once we were there, we had to climb down to get to the beach.  It looked somewhat treacherous, but actually wasn't that bad.  You just had to watch your step as you descended.  There were some stairs that looked as though they had been cut right into the rock.  Once we were down, we ate some lunch and took a dip.  The variety of color between the crystal blue of the water and the green sand was amazing.

After a while, we decided to head back to the car as we wanted to get to a black sand beach later in the day.  We made our way back up and out of the beach and began our return hike.  A couple had taken a Jeep out and as Bryan and I were walking, I said to him, "Maybe they want to give us a ride..."  I was only joking, but sure enough, they pulled up next to us and asked if we wanted to jump in.  As they say in Dumb and Dumber, "Pick 'em up!"  We got in the car and introduced ourselves to Sam and Jenna, from Santa Cruz, CA.  They were around our age and enjoying the Big Island for a week.  We went off-roading the entire way back to the car.  There was not exactly a road, but crazy trenches that we drove through.  There were a few times were we (Sam) couldn't see what was in front of us because of the red dust that we had kicked up.  It was a pretty ridiculous ride back and we were constantly holding on to the door handles to keep ourself steady, but it was so much better than hiking back.  We got back to our car and said goodbye to Sam and Jenna.  That was the best part of the trip.  We loved that they were willing to give us a ride back and they were great people. 

After we headed out of South Point, we drove north on Rt. 11 up to Punalu'u, a Black Sand Beach.   As we pulled in, Bryan asked if this was another "Hike out" beach or if we could just park and get out of the car kind of beach.  Luckily it was the second option.  It really was black sand.  Toes in the sand  While we were there, we saw some sea turtles sunning themselves on the beach.  They were at least three feet in diameter.  Sea TurtlesThe sand was not as fine as the green sand and the water was rocky.  We got to try out our water shoes here.  They worked out pretty well.  The really interesting thing about Punalu'u was that the ocean was warm but, was being fed by cold freshwater springs.  While you were in the water, you could feel the temperature change on your legs.  Warm feet, cold waist.  It was pretty neat to feel that difference.



Beautiful Shot of the Green Sands Beach
Green Sands Beach
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