Swap Meet, Romy's and Cholo's

August 7, 2010 - Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

 On Saturday Bryan and I woke up early and headed over to the Swap Meet.  This is basically a huge flea market that surrounds the outside of Aloha Stadium.  (Former home of the Pro-Bowl) We walked around looking at everything from fresh coconuts, t-shirts, luggage and everything else you can possibly imagine. We made out well with our $1 admission feel.   Before we got there, we lathered up the sunscreen and that was definitely a good thing.  The sun was strong and there is no shade in the middle of parking lot.  Bryan was amazed at all of the different vendors at the swap meet.  With a little bit of haggling, we were able to get a few nice things.

After heading out of the Swap Meet and back to Charlene and Andrew's, we made our way out to the North Shore and met up with Ann and Brian.  They were near the Haliewa marina and were out on their jet skiis, which included a sit down and a stand up.  Bryan and I were able to take the sit down jet ski out into the ocean together, while Brian took the stand up out.  It was truly amazing to see how fast you can go on a jet ski.  The one we were riding was built to go up to 80 mph.  We did not go that fast, although we were going pretty fast.  As the waves came in, Bryan gunned the throttle and we caught some air a few times.  Cheryl was gripping his life jacket as the spray of the salt water was landing in our faces as we took numerous waves over the front of the jet ski.

Once we finished up on the jet ski, we drove further up the North Shore to Kahuku to find one of the shrimp shacks.  We eventually found Romy's, which is where Cheryl had been before.  Romy'sMmmmmm...Shrimp!We ordered Garlic Butter and Fried Shrimp.  They were both served with rice and were absolutely delicious.  The shrimp were huge, very tasty, and definitely worth the drive!

For dinner, we went back out to the North Shore where we went to Cholo's, a mexican place known for their delicious margheritas. Bryan stayed away from the margheritas, but had his first chicken chimi changa, which he actually enjoyed. For someone who "doesn't like mexican food," Cheryl's thinking his tastes have changed.



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