Pearl Harbor & Paradise Cove

August 8, 2010

We went out to Pearl Harbor Sunday morning to see the Arizona Memorial. Before taking a boat ride to the actual memorial, we walked around and saw torpedoes and missiles that were used during WWII. We also caught part of a video that chroncled the events leading up to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It was interesting to learn that they attacked the entire island and not just battle ship row. Once we were out at the memorial, we could actually see the USS Arizona under the water with parts of it jetting out. What's left of the gun turret on the ArizonaIt was amazing to see that after almost 70 years, we could see that the oil is still seaping out and rising to the surface. Oil droplets coming up from the ArizonaLegend has it that it won't stop until the final survivor has passed.  

Later on, we had plans to go to a luau at Paradise Cove. We were greeted a mai tai and a shell lei before being seated at our table. After finding out where our seats were, we walked around to check out the various activities we could actually participate in. Cheryl made an ankle lei and Bryan threw a spear. He's now ready to go pig hunting!  Bryan throwing a spearMaking an ankle leiWhile walking around, he was wondering why one guy had a grass skirt on and Cheryl said, "Oh, you'll find out." Not 5 minutes later, a woman came up behind Bryan with another grass skirt and said, "I need your help." At that point, he was ready to go along with whatever happened next. He went over to the side to rehearse a couple various hawaiin traditions. Cheryl, Charlene and Andrew waited by the beach as they knew what was about to unfold. There were nets thrown out to show how fish were caught by native Hawaiians. Then the native villagers, which included Bryan, came down to pull in the nets. Pulling the fishing net inPerhaps Bryan should bring a grass skirt back to the golf course...Be sure to check out the video as that explains everything. We went over to see the pig removed from the pit, where it had been cooked from the inside out with rocks and covered with banana leaves. Once we got our food at the buffet, we sat down right before the sun began to set and were able to get some beautiful sunset pictures.Amazing SunsetCheryl and Bryan at sunsetWe topped the night with a Tropical Itch.Tropical ItchThe dancing was amazing as they did traditional dances from Tahiti, Figi and Hawaii. There was even a fire dancer. It was definitely a night to remember!





Making an ankle lei
Cheryl's ankle lei
Trying to use the Poi Balls
Kalua Pig!
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