Kayaking at Chinaman's Hat

August 9, 2010

In the morning, we stopped at Wheeler Middle School, where Cheryl used to teach, to visit some of her former co-workers. After stopping back for lunch, we headed out to Chinaman's Hat to go kayaking with Ann and Brian. We were fortunate enough that Brian had 3 ocean kayaks, one of which is a 2-person that Ann and Cheryl used.  The 40-minute drive out was closer to a 2-hour drive as we got stuck behind a wind turbine pylon, but it was worth it. Chinaman's Hat

We paddled out around Chinaman's Hat and saw that it really wasn't that deep.  We could see the bottom the whole time. Ann in the front of the KayakCheryl in the back of the kayak The water could not have been more than four feet deep where we were.  We had planned to kayak out to a part of the island where we could pull the kayaks up an walk around, but it was high tide and the sandy area that we were looking for was under water.  We stopped to have a beer out on the water to refresh ourselves.  The Boys having a BeerThis is my favorite picture of the day!  It was beautiful watching the sun sun set over the mountains while we were out on the water.   Don't worry Mom's, it was still light enough to find our way back.  We spent a while on the water and eventually headed in to shore. 

We loaded up the kayaks and completed the drive around the island, stopping at the Dixie Grill for dinner and headed straight back for bed.  We were exhausted.


Ann and BrianQuick Pic in front of Chinaman's Hat

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