20. Fun in Fiji

February 5, 2011 - Nadi, Fiji

Bula Everyone!

Our adventure continues north of New Zealand and further into the Pacific with a trip to the islands of Fiji.  Fiji acts as a central transport hub to the Pacific chain of islands as it has one of the largest islands in the Pacific.

We said our goodbyes to Mark at Auckland airport as he headed back to Sydney, Australia for a couple of days before catching a plane for the long flight back to Blighty.  We had loaded him up with a back-up of all our photos and video thus far which will no doubt keep both sets of our parents occupied for a little while. (Hi, Mum and Dad respectively!)

We caught our flight to Nadi on the main island of Fiji although our flight took a little longer as we had to fly a dog leg to avoid a cyclone that was to the east, over Tonga.  We touched down and made our way to the marina just outside Nadi itself to then catch a boat to our first destination, South Sea Island.  We had decided earlier to visit the Yasawa chain of islands in Fiji as they are reported to be some of the nicer islands with great snorkelling over coral reefs.

After just half an hour on the boat we were deposited on South Sea Island which was a very small island.  You could walk round it in just over five minutes and across it in just two minutes.  Still, it was very beautiful and also very hot, with the tropical heat.  So we soon changed into our beach gear and found a couple of sun loungers to settle down for the day.  After a while we decided to check out the coral reef that surrounded the island and were soon amazed by the number of different colourful tropical fish that were swimming in the crystal blue waters.  We also spotted blue starfish that were intermingled in the colourful coral and underwater plants.

After an hour, we retired back to the sun beds and relaxed for the rest of the day.

We were staying in a 32 bed dorm but there were only five of us staying overnight on the island (as well as the residential staff) and we got to know each other over a couple of beers before dinner.  Apart from us there was another English girl called Victoria, a German girl called Fabian and a Norwegian guy called John.  We were also joined by an American girl called Kim who was the dive instructor on the island.  We had a nice meal and then played cards for the evening and were shown a local card game by Ake, a friendly Fijian lady who had the important job of manning the bar!

We went to bed by ten as breakfast was at 7am sharp and although it was a little difficult to sleep due to the heat, the ceiling fans did help to keep us all cool and we eventually fell asleep.

The next morning it was time to head off and go further north into the Yasawa chain of islands. Not all the islands are inhabited and those that are often just had a small village of locals and the backpackers place. The electricity was invariably only on for a few hours in the evening and the internet non-existent (wonderful).  All meals were taken together as well as the odd ‘non-alcoholic cocktail’ and we met lots of fellow travellers whilst island hopping. Our first stop in this chain of islands was Wayalailai which was a much larger island and we had a nice cabin overlooking the sandy beach.  We spent a couple of lazy days sunbathing and it was nice to relax.

We then continued our island hopping north and went to Korovu which is a tree covered island and again had a nice chalet that overlooked the beach. It was nice sitting on the veranda watching the waves lap gently on the shore and there was also a swimming pool which made a nice change not getting sandy!

Again after a couple of days we decided to head south and go to the Octopus Resort which we had heard good reports about  from fellow guests that we had talked to.

It was certainly a nice resort and we stayed in a bure which is a locally made thatched building, these small bures had interesting open air showers! They also had electricity 24 hours a day so it was nice to have the fan going all night to keep us cool.  The main building was on the beach and the dining room floor was part of the beach so you had sand trickling through your toes as you ate (Clare didn’t wear any footwear for 5 days and kept forgetting them later on!) The snorkelling was also incredible and we saw lots of different tropical fish.  On one swim at the reef Clare saw a reef shark. Don’t worry dear readers, reef sharks have never attacked humans, so we were fairly safe.  I also saw a huge fish that was about two feet long and about a foot tall.  It was incredible to see such a large fish and had someone caught it, it would make at least thirty portions of fish and chips.  We liked the resort so much that we decided to stay there for our remaining 5 days in Fiji until we had to catch the boat back to the main island.  The resort put on entertainment each evening and on our last night we were treated to a display by the staff of traditional singing and dancing. Then after an overnight stay on the mainland, we boarded our plane to our next destination, Hawaii.



1. View of South Sea Island
4. South Sea Island - Close Up of Blue Fish
9. South Sea Island - Black Striped Fish
2. South Sea Island - Yellow & Black Fish


Gay Bidie:
February 25, 2011
I cotinue to enjoy your blog thank you. Thank goodness you were clear of N.Z.before the Quake hit we have just heard from aman who was surfing when it hit and at first he thought his board was being attacked by a shark till he looked at the state of the sea and saw his house sliding down the hill!Regards to you both Gay.
Ciara and Ruairi:
March 1, 2011
Hi there! we just checked out your blog to look at all those wonderful pics you have of the coral and fish at Octopus! It looks amazing! We kinda miss Octopus! Hope you's are having a brilliant time in South America. We are in Rotorua New Zealand at the minute and very glad we didnt get caught up in the quake in Christchurch! We're enjoying it and making the most of it! Chao, Ciara and Ruairi!
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