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July 17, 2013

 July 10

There is an opportunity to travel the inside passage along the Inlets  to get around Nootka Island. Along these waterways the wind funnels into the inlets in the morning and funnels out in the evening. The good thing is one can sail in these inlets without going through the swells that you encounter offshore.

Today we left Nuchatlitz and sailed up Zeballos Inlet to the village of Zeballos. We tied up at the community dock which is very popular with fishing boats. The pop of Zeballos is around 200. Gold and iron mining made this town prosperous in the earlier years and now logging and fishing seem to keep it going. We were able to refill our propane, have showers and get milk and bread- the store is supplied by road which comes from Campbell River or port McNeil. Kayakers get dropped off at the docks here to start trips around the sound.

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