Barkley Sound, Broken Group, Pacific Rim Nat Park

July 20, 2013

 Friday, July 19

We enjoyed the town of Ucluelet and the harbour was convenient to stores and walking. When we awoke today, fog was over the harbour and a fine mist was in the air. We got a few more chores done on the boat and by 11:00 am we were ready to depart. Before leaving the channel we stopped at Eagle Marine for desiel. The gentleman who managed the fuel dock was very friendly and complemented Carl on the fine job he did backing our sailboat up to the pump dock!

The fog was starting to dissipate by noon and we slowly made our way out to Barkley Sound which is the most expansive sound on the West Coast.Ucluelet, Bamfield, and Port Alberni are the major communities and at it's cente is Pacific Rim National Park and the Broken Group Islands.

We stopped, after about an hour of travel in calm winds, beside a sand beach on the south side of  Benson Island in the Broken Group.  It gave us shelter from the northwest/west winds and a slight swell rolled in rocking us side to side. We found a grassy trail that led to the north part of the island. Buddy was so happy to frolic on the grass and beach. Interesting rock formations, sea stacks, border the beach area.

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