Out of the fog and into Victoria!

July 25, 2013

 Tuesday, July 23

We woke up at 4:30 in the morning on Tues in Bamfield. Sounds crazy but we needed the time to meet the current that would help us progress efficiently south on Juan de Fuca strait. The winds were forcast to be behind us and eventually the wind and the current would go the same direction and that made easier travel and settled seas.

Of course it was foggy and calm when we left Bamfield. The swells were large and it wasn't ideal but once we rounded Cape Beal, the swells were farther apart. It didn't help that the current was against us for the first part of the trip plus no wind but thankfully we have a good engine!

Our original plan was  to go to Sooke harbour and continue on to Victoria next day, however, once the wind increased and the current turned in our favor, our speed improved and by 4 PM we realized that we could make it to Victoria, and we did. At 6:30 PM we were tied up at the dock under the Empress Hotel.

 After all the times we have come over to  walk around these docks and look at boats, it felt neat to actually "be" one of the  boats on the dock!

When fog happens in this part of the coast, it can stay over the water a long time. Fog forms more frequently during the last part of July and most of August. It was so great to finally see the clear blue sky and sun over Victoria when we arrived.

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