Blarney Castle

August 24, 2011 - Blarney, Ireland

I did the last "touristy" thing on my itinerary today. I went down to Blarney and toured the Blarney Castle, including kissing the Blarney Stone. Here Americans far outnumber any other nationality (judging by accents I could hear). Now I can say I've done it.

The castle and grounds are among the better preserved in the country. There are some really interesting sections in the grounds, including a Druid Rock Circle, complete with sacrificing altar, and a rock shelter that is one of the earliest known in Ireland (not much more than a rock cave).

Some of the other buildings have been restored quite well. It's quite easy to imagine the stable yard and buildings functioning as they were in the era in which they were built.

A little change in travel plans: I will be returning to the U.S. on Sunday, August 28th. For several reasons this works out better than the original date of September 9. Among other things, this allows me to go with Lois to Seattle on August 30 for a few days.


Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle


Rick Thompson:
August 24, 2011
So what effect do you thinking having kissed the blarney stone have on your preaching when you return?
Have enjoyed following your journey!
Have a safe trip home and a wonderful time in Seattle!
Paul and Marilynne:
August 24, 2011
OK then. I, too, am pleased that the Blarney Stone gets scrubbed periodically. I'm not a real fan of other people's drool!!

It's been quite a ride hasn't it. Travel safely.
Angela Matthias:
August 30, 2011
I kissed the Blarney Stone back in 1961. I don't think it was real sanitary back then.
paul neukirch:
September 9, 2011
Rob, I am setting beside Barb Osborne formerly known as Barb Hobson. I've been telling her of your neat blog and she stopped by this PM to look at your photos. She was very impressed. Thought you had put on a few pounds, not that we all haven't, but you remain a handsome lad. When do you start back. I need to post you an invitation to Eric Bostrom's installation which is this Sunday @ Faith. Safe travels. Paul & Barb
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