Bear Lake, Utah:

September 26, 2010 - Garden City, Utah, United States


After 10 nights of camping we had cleaned out our clean clothes and were in need of shaving, bathing, and non-freezing temperatures during the night. Bear Lake is this incredible 20 mile long, 8 mile wide, deep turquoise blue lake in the Rockies. We stayed at a condo for four nights here with a full kitchen, pool & hot tub and comfy King size bed. We played tennis everyday here and enjoyed the warm weather. We were able to swim and soak in the lake which was still somewhat warm thanks to an odd stretch of sunny warm days for the time of year. It was like a ghost town here since we arrived out of season. We did a hike to Paris Springs and again loved the Fall colors of the forest. I couldn't believe how many sailboats were in their marina and want to come back some day and sail the lake. We stopped in at Logan, UT on a Sunday night and were amazed at how few people were out and about for a city of that size. The area is apparently 80% Mormon. Our shopping was a snap and we ate a late dinner at Olive Garden with delusions of eating an endless assortment of pasta, but left feeling defeated and very full.


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