Xiangcheng, Sichuan Province, China

May 20, 2009 - Xiangcheng, China

Xiangcheng is a very small town with modern concrete buildings. It’s mainly a trading point between the east and west and has little to offer in terms of sights.

When we arrived at the bus station a women was offering to take us to her guesthouse and since we had no better ideas we followed her. Luckily, as it turned out, because she helped us buy bus tickets for the next morning to Litang.

Her guesthouse was another one of those memorable places, in a good way. After crossing through the dirty bus station and a garbage dump we popped out at one of those large Tibetan homes we had been admiring on the bus trip. Now we got to see one of them first hand.

The main floor was used for storage, the second floor had a kitchen, common room and the most gorgeous dorm we had ever seen. All four walls, the tall ceiling, the balcony, the door and the window frames were all completely painted with geometric figures and scenes from traditional life and other legends. The colours were brilliant and the artist’s skill admirable. We just stood there stunned for a minute or two. Then she asked us if we wanted a private room and she showed us the third floor. Again, each of the small double rooms was completely painted with animals, flowers and other scenes. From our room we could see the deck outside and part of the town.

All we did that night was go for dinner. Since there weren’t any western restaurants of course, we went into a small eatery that looked quite busy. The chef took us to the back and we pointed at the ingredients we wanted. The results were amazing, definitely some of the best food we’ve had in China (after the BBQ of course).

The next morning we caught a very early, very crammed bus north to Litang.

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