Saying Goodbye to Namita - Phuket

March 25, 2008 - Phuket, Thailand


That night after returning from Raya and freshening up at our hotel, we took Rupesh out for his birthday dinner (we had missed his birthday in Toronto).  We ended up at a steakhouse that was recommended in the Lonely Planet.  The food was pretty good.  After dinner, we bought what can be described as these cylinder shaped kite things. Instead of having strings these kits had a coil of flamable material at the base and once lit they would float away over the ocean.  Anyway, Dave, Rupesh and I each bought one and took them to the beach.  We brought many matchbooks with us to light the kites as it was quite windy. We didn't really know how to work these things as the guys we bought them from didn't speak english. The first round had mixed results but we quickly learned what we needed to do for best results. We decided to do it again so all three of us could light them at the same time and have them all in the air at once. We walked back to the street to buy three more. As we were setting up the second launch on the beach the boy we purchased the kites from came running after us with a fool proof lighter to make sure that we had something to ignite the coil with.  He didn't know that we had matches but in the end he gave us one of his traditional lighters.  So sweet! Anyway when we finally got them lit, they began to float up and each of us made a wish.  It was very cool.  They were probably a thousand feet up. We stood on the beach while we watched each of our kites float out over the ocean. It was three dots of light against the pitch black sky. They were really quite incredible. They stayed lit until they were out of our sight...pretty far.

The next day I was a bit anxious and emotional as I was leaving that night.  We had nothing planned but go to the beach - this is exactly what I wanted.  The three of us hung out on the beach and took turns going into the water. Dave and Rupesh actually went for a run on the beach. It was going to be the start of their fitness was the one and only run. It really was the perfect end to a perfect trip. 

After a few hours at the beach, it was time to head back to the hotel to shower, pack, and grab a bite before heading to the airport. Initially I had really wanted Dave and Rupesh to accompany me to the airport, a 45-minute ride from where we were, but in the end told them they didn't need to.  It didn't make sense given they'd have to pay for the ride back.  So after we had a snack at the hotel (I didn't each much as I didn't have much of an appetite) we loaded my bags in the taxi that had come to pick me up.  Then as I started to say my goodbyes, I went to give Dave a hug and...he didn't hug me back!  I didn't know what to think, and that's when Dave and Rupesh told me that they would be coming with me to the airport!  This was a great surprise and made me very happy.  I just wasn't ready to say goodbye yet.  So all 3 of us jumped into the taxi and headed to the airport.  The check-in went smoothly and we had a bit of time before my flight so we grabbed a drink in a restaurant at the airport.  Then finally it was really time for me to say goodbye.  I was sad but I think being at the airport made it easier on me.  I was really going to miss travelling with Dave and Rupesh.  They were amazing travel partners!  Not to mention they were always looking out for me :)

Anyway, I was initially dreading the trip back given I had a 12-hour stopover in Tokyo, but in the end it wasn't so bad.  Approx. 36 hours later I was back in Toronto and back home.  It didn't seem it at the time, but now that I was back, I couldn't believe how fast the 3 months had gone.  It really was a trip of a lifetime and a trip I will never forget!


Phuket -Rupesh and Namita with their "kites"
Phuket - Dave and Rupesh lighting their "kites"
Phuket - Rupesh making a wish

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Mark and Terry:
April 26, 2008
Namita, welcome back to the Americas! Sounds like you all had a great time in Thailand. I have been waiting for the "Thailand Journals" to be released for what seems like forever. Loved all the stories. Glad you got to do the cooking class and Thai boxing which Terry and I both thought was interesting. I know you are probably going through post-travel trauma. It happens to us all, you'll get through it. Dave, can't wait to read the Bali Journals...
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