December 27, 2007

Welcome to our travel blog on Fuzzy Travel! We will use this site to keep everybody up-to-date on my travels. So by all means, visit back soon to check out our latest journal entries, pictures, map and profile. If you want to get notified when we update our journal, you can sign up for email notifications or use to the RSS feed.


Edward Ng:
January 18, 2008
More pictures!
Chris Steininger:
January 18, 2008
Namita, I'm glad your alive and well! Those little penguins look adorable! I can't believe how many amazing things you've seen already! Enjoy...

We miss you!

January 19, 2008
soooo jealous that you guys are still travelling!!! it was sooo nice to spend new year's with both of you!

safe travels!
Earl Lozon:
January 19, 2008
Dave: What a great venture. Wish I was younger and with you. Keeping you in our prayers.

Earl and Pat
Karen Neave:
January 19, 2008
Love the journal and the pics. Looks like you two are having an awesome time! Travel safe...
Roops and Hetts:
January 23, 2008
Hi Namita,
The pictures were absolutely fantastic.
I was THRILLED to see all the South Africa pictures...I suppose now you have earned the rights to participate and be included in all SA lingo, banter, reminising, jokes, heck maybe by the time you come back you'll be able to do "lacker"
South African accent!!
Glad to see you guys are having such an awesome time. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy, take care and travel safe.

Your peeps
Roops and Hetts
Fred & Betty Dreyer:
January 26, 2008
Dear Dave and Namita,
This is just to let you know that Dave's mom forwarded your pictures to us and we enjoyed them a lot. No doubt, you miss the snow, but you can't have everything. Fred
February 14, 2008
I'm so behind reading all your entries. I wish I was there with you guys! You look like you're having fun! You're not missing much in T.O. - there is lots and lots of snow.
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