New Years

December 31, 2007 - Stanford, South Africa

On New Years Eve day we rented a car to head to Stanford to spend NYE with Agnes and friends before travelling further east to spend a couple of days on the Garden Route. When renting the car, we found out that all of the cars were manual which meant Dave was going to have to do all the driving.  I was not all that keen or confident in driving on the left side of the road anyway.

It was my first time driving a car on the left side of the road.  To add to the complexity the gear shift was also on the left side.  Getting the car took longer than expected and we were anxious to get on the road. So we started out from downtown Cape Town not knowing exactly where we were or the route we were going to take to get to the highway.  We quickly got lost resulting in many needless turns.  This did not make the driving adjustment any easier.  With the steering wheel on the right, the turning indicator and the windshield wands were also reversed.  Therefore with every turn I instinctively used my left hand before turning corners which started the wipers instead of the signal indicators.  If we were turning right, the wipers went on intermitently.  If we were turning left they went on at their highest speed.  I got used to this way of signalling the direction the car was about to turn, but, I'm sure none of the other Cape Town drivers knew where our car was going next. 
Dave and I arrived in Stanford late afternoon.  Stanford is a small vacation spot a couple of hours outside of Cape Town.  Agnes and her friends had rented a cottage for a few days.  We met Alison and Jason, the two friends from Toronto that Agnes was travelling Africa with, and Leanne and Joanne her friends from Cape Town.  We hung out at the cottage for a bit before heading out to the local pub, one of the only restaurants in town, for dinner and drinks.  We had a good meal but then headed back to the cottage to bring in the New Year.  As a gift, Jason gave Leanne some instant Canadian snow which Leanne whipped up before midnight to make her Canadian friends feel at home.  Though we missed celebrating NYE with our friends and family back home, it was a unique experience to spend it with new friends and in a warmer climate.




January 14, 2008
Hi Dave,
Your dad forwarded your travel link. We really enjoyed looking at your photos & reading about your adventures. Oh, to be young again!
Looking forward to seeing more. AM
January 18, 2008
I wouldn't feel sad about missing NYE in Toronto... who needs all that snow when sum is so much more fun? Enjoy every minute!
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